Fun Things to Do Before the Quarter Picks Up!

Welcome back to school! I know, it feels great to see all your friends again and get back into a routine. However, college can come flying at you like a ton of bricks. After a few weeks is when the quarter starts to pick up, and suddenly you have 3 tests, 5 papers, and 7 quizzes to do. It can feel very overwhelming! Especially at the end of the quarter when you are looking back and feel like you have done nothing but schoolwork. So you have some fun memories to think back on, here are 5 fun things to do before the quarter picks up:

(hurry while you have the time!)

1. Go to a concert

Whether it be at the United Center or the Subterranean, get out and see some live music. It’s best to do it before your nights only consist of studying for a test the next day. Even going to a small live show at a bar or small venue is a good way to spend time with friends and get out of your room (before you’re holed up studying for midterms). If you’re lucky, one of your favorite bands is coming to town! Tip: Keep a lookout by using the app Bandsintown.



2. Visit an Instagram-worthy food spot

If you need a new Insta post and an easy way to spend a ridiculous amount of money, look no further! Get out and explore the city of Chicago by finding foodie spots with great photo ops. A fun place is Smallcakes, where you can customize a cupcake-ice-cream treat. Another great place is BomboBar, which is perfect for the start of winter quarter because they have crazy hot chocolates. There are always pop-up spots too (like that one Stranger Things bar a couple years ago), so keep a lookout!



3. Organize Your Room/Closet

I know what you’re thinking - WHAT!? Organizing can be fun, I promise! Turn on some music or Skype that friend from home while you’re doing it. Giving away a lot of clothes can feel like a weight off your chest. It gives you a chance to start new again and change up your wardrobe. In addition, organizing your room while you have the time before the quarter picks up will have you thanking yourself later. It feel very relaxing when you get back from a long day of studying at the library and everything is already clean and put away. Trust me on this one!


4. Go to the Lake

Soak up the last rays of summer and walk or Divvy bike down to the lake! It’s even better if you picnic during sunset - the skyline is breathtaking. It would make for a cute date if you have a special someone, but could also be a time to get sentimental with close friends. The lakeshore is also a fantastic spot for people watching, which is a nice way to get away from your phone for a while. Go before it gets too cold and you’re stuck inside writing a 7 page research paper! You won’t regret it.


5. Pretend to be a tourist

The Chicago wind bites, and so does 4 classes-worth of homework! Before either happens, it’s best to walk around downtown and pretend to be a tourist. Take a stroll and admire the amazing city you get to live in. Throw in a walking or boat tour if you want to learn more about the architecture and really feel like a tourist. Walking along the river is also lovely, and there are places to sit so you can people watch or see the boats go by. Go alone to clear your head or bring some friends to make some memories. You can’t go wrong either way - it’s Chicago!