Finals Week As Told By Star Wars

It’s time for the quarter… to end. Final exam week is here and it’s a perfect time to say “I have a bad feeling about this.” But don’t fear, the characters of Star Wars are here to help you get through it, so that fear doesn’t lead to anger, then to hate, and then to suffering.

When your professor goes over things you never learned before on final exam review day:

When your professor says that you can’t cram for the exam the night before:

When you realize you need an 85 or higher on the final exam to pass the class:

You and your friend when someone in your study group somehow understands everything and you’ve been trying to understand the same concept for the last hour:

When you’ve lost count of how many cups of coffee you’ve had:

In the middle of your all-nighter like:

What you tell yourself when your professor begins passing out exams:

When you have to write your responses to the essay questions by hand:

Walking (or running) out of the classroom as soon as you finish your exam like:

Your reaction when you finish all your exams and see you did really well!