Don’t Overthink On Being One Year Older

We have started a new calendar year, and that means another year will sooner or later be added to our age. As human beings, one thing we are universally afraid of is aging. But that really shouldn’t be the case. A few years ago, I started becoming petrified of the time passing by. I felt like I was this object stuck in the middle, watching a slideshow of events in life that were going straight past me. This mindset started dragging me down, and I was beginning to feel like I was a waste of space. As an individual, I was completing no self-growth as far as I could tell, and my goals were not being met. I was stuck on an abandoned boat.

But that is not the mindset one should have at all.

No matter how you define what “old age” means to you, that should not keep you from focusing on meeting targets and planning how to reach your dream goals.

Here are a few tips I use to keep myself on track: 

Number One: Find a cute agenda or a notebook for your thoughts and goals

I have been carrying around a journal with me for some time, ever since I wanted to change my mindset about getting older. I have been carrying this journal everywhere with me, from my school bag to my personal purse. This journal has my travel dreams and research regarding budget info, plane ticket prices, and sites I have to see.

Once in a while, when I open this notebook, I see the thoughts I had days, weeks or months ago, and I giggle to myself a little. I have a moment where I believe that I am crazy for thinking I’ll somehow get the money to purchase all those plane tickets, But this is exactly how my weekend trip to California happened. One day I sat down and wrote down, “My trip to California”, included any expenses that came to mind, roundtrip plan ticket prices, dates, etc, and eventually, I was able to make it happen.

Keep a journal with you as a tool to write down your dreams, your reminders, or even just a little something for you to write down your thoughts and feelings.


Number Two: Make goals for yourself.

New year, new beginning! Cliché, but it truly does help so much! Recently, I made a resolution for myself to learn a new language. I know right! She crazy, learn a new language in just one year, but hey! It’s not impossible. I recently got into Korean pop, and I am very intrigued by their language. I’ve always been curious with Asian languages ranging from Mandarin Chinese, to Korean, to Thai, Japanese etc. I love seeing language barriers disappear.


Number Three: Live and record the present.

I’ve recently made a habit of saving my Snapchat videos to be able to reflect later on as the time goes. Hopefully, they’ll reminds me of things and occasions that I thought were most important at the moment. It’s like a message to my future self that everything will be okay, and that I should just keep going. if I got through that day, I can make it another day, another week, another month and so on. You got this! I believe in you all!

Number Four: Be spontaneous !

The other day I decided to rent a dance studio to myself and just dance. Entering the room, it was a little nerve racking because there were two mirrors on two walls – it almost felt like stage fright. Dancing has always been a stress-reliever for me and will always be – it’s a very soul-fulfilling environment. If dancing is not your thing, try going on a coffee date with yourself, or a mini road trip, or even just buying that album you really want.

 Enjoy the present – it’s called a present for a reason.