DePaul's Midterms vs. Every Other School's Midterms

Midterms have sneaked their way into DePaul’s Winter Quarter yet again and let me tell you, I was not prepared.  While all college students struggle with this overload of work halfway through their term, I’m convinced DePaul kids have it extremely hard.  Here’s why:


Midterms start only 4 weeks into the quarter

In case you forgot, DePaul is on the quarter system. That means in order to have midterms, they have to squeeze them in somewhere in our short 10-week term. We barely get time to settle into our new classes before we are flooded with papers and projects.



Outside of class activities start to pile up

The middle of the quarter tends to be a busy time for campus clubs and orgs. It seems that important events you have to run or attend seem to fall on the same days as important deadlines for assignments. When will we learn to plan ahead?!



No breaks from school to study

DePaul is blessed with having a 6-week winter break and an extremely short spring break—that’s it. We don’t have a fall break and we barely get any days off besides St. Vincent DePaul day (which is during one of our breaks, might I add)! While we may have Fridays off, that isn’t nearly enough break time to prepare for our busy schedules.



Sometimes you don’t even realize midterms happened

Do you ever feel like you just keep cranking out papers without realizing how far into the term you are?  Just a few days ago I had to quickly write a low-quality paper...and then I found out it was our midterm. Don’t let these mishaps get you down, there’s always next quarter (which is what I keep telling myself!).