DePaul Buildings as Songs from Harry Styles's Album "Fine Line"


1. Golden - The Student Center: Ahh the Stu, home to the bean, random tabling, and whatever happens on the third floor. Golden is a song about the fear of loneliness and finding love, with an upbeat soundtrack. What better place to find love or friends, than the busiest place on campus?

2. Watermelon Sugar - Arts and Letters: Watermelon Sugar is about good times and summer. Arts and Letters probably have the best ~vibes~ out of any DePaul building, since it’s the newest. In the summer, people love to lounge outside Arts and Letters and do homework.

3. Adore You - DePaul Center: DePaul Center is one of the best DePaul buildings, but the only problem is you have to go all the way to the loop to enjoy it. Adore You discusses how Harry just wants to adore someone, just as DePaul students adore the DePaul Center.

4. Lights Up - The Theatre School: Lights Up is about shining and stepping into the light. Theatre kids step into the limelight, and probably shine the most out of anyone.


5. Cherry - Seton or Corcoran Hall: The worst dorms on campus, as everyone who lives there wishes they lived in a different hall. Cherry is about seeing an ex with someone else, and the jealousy and sadness that comes with that.

6. Falling - John T. Richardson Library: This one of the saddest songs on the album, about loneliness and breakups. The library is the saddest place on campus, with all-nighters, intense homework, or where grades go to fail. 

7. To Be So Lonely - O’Connell or Levan Hall: The song is about being alone, need I say more? Half of DePaul doesn’t even know where either of these buildings is.

8. She - The Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center: The song has a strong sense of sex appeal, romance, and a touch of almost aggression. The power of this song relates to the power of a good workout. 


9. Sunflower, Vol. 6 - The Quad: The song is the epitome of a nice spring day, with no stress in the world. The Quad reminds students of summer and the end of school.

10. Canyon Moon - Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church: The only reason for this one is the lyric, “said a prayer to dashboard Jesus.”

11. Treat People with Kindness - The Fullerton Stop: Public Transportation tests my patience. This song is your mantra for all of those major inconveniences you face going to class.

12. Fine Line - The Schmitt Academic Center: The SAC. Another building that just looks depressing, and always smells like burnt bagels. The SAC looks sad, and it’s perfect for listening to Fine Line.