College Friendships As Told By the Cast of Sex and the City

I recently discovered Sex and The City on Amazon Video and have been binge watching it ever since. While watching, I have realized that though the NYC famous four are in their forties, they are all quite relatable. At one point or another, I have identified with each of them, which is probably why the show was so popular.

What is probably most relatable about the fantastic four is how honest their conversations are. Much like college friendships, nothing is off limits. Your friends see you at your ugly cry-Ben-and-Jerry’s-netflix-binge-watching worst and your jumping-up-and-down-to-happy-to-care best. Below is the story of college friendships as told by the cast of Sex and The City.

When you meet for the first time and come off a little too strong.

When you invite your girls over for a girls night in and confess you’ve ordered in.

When you are getting closer to one another and stop pretending you have your shi*t together.

Your first argument.

But you quickly get over it because you’ve got important things to talk about.

When you stay up late talking about your feelings.

During that late night convo when you both come up with an earth shattering realization about life.

When you are in complete and utter dismay at your love life and your friends are there to listen.

When you finally go out on a date and they call way too early in the morning for a play by play.

And when you are ready to spill, but all you can put into words is regret.

When you tell them your deepest, darkest, weirdest secret.

When you get all dressed up and feel fly AF walking as you exit the Uber.

Ultimately, we all know a Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York Goldenblatt. And their friendship on Sex in The City replicated college friendships and conversations across the country.