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Charlie Hayes ’19

Know Adele’s entire discography by heart? Have a penchant for singing Phantom of TheOpera? Look no further than Charlie Hayes!
Where is your hometown?
Charlie: My hometown is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
HCDPU: Was it the worst?
Actually, Pittsburgh is great. My favorite thing about it is Pierogies. As a whole though, Pittsburgh has a budding social scene and a great local economy – also, our mayor is gay.

Interested in:



Undecided.  I’m trying to get into the theatre school. I was in plays during my high school for all four years and did a lot of shows. I had prominent roles in about half of those. There were about 2 musicals a year.

Arguably Hayes’s best shot

What’s your ultimate dream date for any readers looking to take you out?

I walk into a room, and out of the floor ascends my date, who is wearing a costume from The Phantom of The Opera. He’s only signing the high note of “Masquerade” for an aggressive period of time, like 7 minutes. Then we have dinner.


What’s the ultimate way to woo you?



Do you have any siblings? How do you feel about them?

Yes, I have three. Their names are Katie, Connor, and Wendell.


Who’s your Celebrity Crush?

Richard Simmons.

Are there any social or political causes you’re really passionate about?

Planned Parenthood being refunded because that’s actually important.


Any projects you’ve worked on that you’re really proud of??

Probably my directing debut, which you can find on Youtube at special request.


Where/What do you hope you’ll be in 5 years?

Famous! Doing anything in entertainment.

Favorite Food? Why?

The Masala Feed Wrap from Spice…but only when certain people make it.


If you had to choose, how would you prefer to die?

Probably via Bazooka.


Who’s your favorite female celebrity?



What’s one thing you wish you could do but can’t?

Gargle…oh, and Moonwalk.



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