Billie Razors are Changing the Shave Game by Putting Women First

Ladies, it’s time to stop paying more than men. The Pink Tax is real, and it is unfair. Women are being charged more than men for the same products and services - razors, shampoo, fashion, even vehicle maintenance. Let’s also not forget that you’re paying sales tax for tampons because they are considered “luxury” items. Not to mention, on average a woman only makes .78 of every dollar a man makes.


42% of the time you make a purchase, you’re paying more than a man would.

This inequality adds up to a whopping $1,351 average difference per year.

Let those statistics sink in for second.


Now, this problem isn’t going away overnight, but you can start saving money now. Allow me to introduce you to Billie razors. Billie is a razor subscription service created by women for women. Billie is priced in line with men’s razor subscriptions. Get ready to pay half of what you were paying before.

I started using Billie one month ago, and let me just say it is a game changer.

  1. I never have to go out of my way to pick up razors. Honestly, I never even have to think about it at all. They are mailed straight to your door. This is so convenient for a super busy college student. Oh, and did I mention that Billie covers the cost of shipping too?

  2. They work beautifully. They have 5 blades and an aloe shave soap encasement. This razor has not cut me once! How is that even possible?!

  3. They are super cute. They also come with a cool magnetic holder.

  4. Billie supports women! They donate 1% of their total revenue to women’s causes everywhere.

It is super easy to sign up too. You just choose how often you shave and that determines how often they ship you new razors. I selected that I shave a few times a week, so they send me 4 replacement blades every 2 months for an even $9!

Stop paying the Pink Tax and support the fight for gender equality: