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From the Bachelor New Zealand to Bachelor Winter Games: Meet Jordan Mauger in Whitterview #9

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePaul chapter.

If you’re a The Bachelor or The Bachelorette fanatic like me, you watched the four episode new series that ABC brought to Bachelor Nation The Bachelor Winter Games starring contestants from all around the world and your favorite contestants from right here in the US version of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette franchise.


I recently sat down via Skype to interview Jordan Mauger, who represented the country of New Zealand on The Bachelor Winter Games and who was New Zealand’s Bachelor in season 2 (2016).



Jordan just landed back in New Zealand after a 17 hour flight and was so gracious enough to take time to answer my questions and tell me about his time on The Bachelor New Zealand and The Bachelor Winter Games.


Who is Jordan?

Before his time as the Bachelor, Jordan spent his time working as an Assistant Director on US movies that filmed in New Zealand. Through his friends and connections, he became the second ever Bachelor of the New Zealand series. He describes himself as always being the guy behind the camera and was not comfortable being the one in front of it.


What are you looking for in a woman?

Being a worldly man who loves to travel, he’s looking for someone that is willing to jump on crazy adventures with, and is also looking for someone he thinks will potentially be a good wife and a good mother. At 34, he’s ready for all that.



We all saw US Bachelor Ben Higgins ask you on The Bachelor Winter Games about your time on your season and the infamous coin flip, tell me more about the flipping of the coin and if you were glad Ben brought it up to you?

Before the start of the show Jordan didn’t know who Ben, Luke (Pell), or even Dean (Unglert) were. But as Ben approached Jordan about his bachelor situation, Jordan told me he was glad that Ben did that. It showed Ben’s maturity and he was grateful he brought it up so that he could clear the air.


The infamous coin flip was never aired on The Bachelor New Zealand, but people still knew that it happened. In case you aren’t aware of the coin flip, Jordan confirmed to Ben Higgins that it indeed happened when it came down to his final two women, he wasn’t sure who to pick – so he flipped a coin to make his decision. Jordan told me that he wasn’t feeling a connection to either girl and there just wasn’t any romance. Feeling pressured to make a decision so they knew which women to send to him in the helicopter, he had fate decide, and he flipped a coin.


“You’re always going to have a scar, but now I am able to talk about it,” is what Jordan said after he told me his story about his time on The Bachelor New Zealand.


The Bachelor New Zealand


Besides the coin flip, Jordan says that The Bachelor New Zealand isn’t as efficient as The Bachelor USA He heard a rumor that the women on his season were chosen before he was even chosen as the Bachelor. Hence the no connection that he said he felt.


After watching Jordan on The Bachelor Winter Games and being able to talk to him via Skype, I have to say that Jordan is one of the nicest, most genuine people, and deserves someone that’s not hand picked for him. He deserves someone that is real and doesn’t want all the opportunities that can present itself if you were a bachelor contestant.


He described his time on his season as not real. It was like he had already bought the car, but was trying to get out and couldn’t. This analogy gave me a better picture of what he meant by the season not being real.


The Bachelor Winter Games


Originally, Jordan pulled out of being a contestant on The Bachelor Winter Games, thinking he wasn’t going to find love. But after talking it out, he decided to take a leap of faith and go for it.


Jordan came in an episode late to the series, but he was grateful for it. The first episode we saw that other contestants had to vote off who they thought didn’t have the best intentions, which is why Jordan was grateful he was late, so he wasn’t voted off.


He said it was hard coming in late, especially with a reputation that could have voted him off, relationships and friendships were forming- but he still easily became one of my favorites and found someone to connect with: Bibiana (Julian).


The highlight of his time on The Bachelor Winter Games was meeting Bibi, and being able to open up and be vulnerable as well as use his heart. Despite the confusion end to Bibi and Jordan, I think some viewers were able to see just how much Jordan wants to find love and Bibi wasn’t ready. Jordan doesn’t fault her, just describes her as not being ready.


His favorite sport he participated in? Down-hill skiing, granted it was the only one he participated in, he recalls being amazed at his time after his run and being freaked out at the top with Courtney (Dober) (The Bachelorette Australia contestant). There is this New Zealand/Australia type of rivalry and Jordan was glad he beat Courtney.



Bachelor in Paradise?? What’s next for Jordan?

I mean, I can’t be the only one that’s about to start a petition to bring Jordan to Bachelor in Paradise. Jordan says he has talked to producers about the potential of him being on there, but we will have to see come June. However, Jordan says Bibi could more than likely be there as well…

Even though Bachelor in Paradise doesn’t generally start filming until end of May/early June, Jordan says he just wants to go about his life and not wait around to be on some show.


He intends to come back to LA in the meantime, or even New York where his visa is. He describes America as somewhere he loves and wants to be. America has an energy and is very patriotic, despite totally ridiculous things happening, this is somewhere he wants to be.


Have you fallen in love with Jordan yet like I have? Think you have what it takes to fill his type? These are his favorite places to travel, in case you want to slid on into his DM’s and take him up on his adventure buddy inquiry-


  1. The US (Alaska, Hawaii, San Diego) (Side note: ask him about his cross country US trip with his dad in a mustang, that he ended up shipping back to New Zealand)

  2. Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia)

  3. México (Oaxaca)

  4. Fiji

  5. Maldives

  6. Thailand

  7. And of course New Zealand


If you’re like me and a The Bachelor fanatic which I stated earlier, then you have a “list” a list of your favorite men on women that have been The Bachelor or The Bachelorette themselves or just a contestant. After getting to learn more about Jordan, he’s here to stay at the top of my list as one of my favorite people!


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