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Alexandra Moresco ’15

Alexandra Moresco is taking the Chicago style scene by storm! Read on to find out more about her adventures with blogging for her fashion blog, Street Style Chi and hosting an annual fashion show to benefit charity. 

Year in School: Junior 

Are you involved with anything else around campus?: I stay involved with DePaul through my blog. I interview many DePaul students and work with clubs and groups on campus for events. Unfortunately, between my actual classes and keeping up with my blog, I do not have time to be involved with much else.

What made you want to start your blog?: As a freshman accounting major, I started my blog as a creative outlet for myself. What started out as a simple college street style blog evolved into what it is today, fashion and lifestyle. I read fashion blogs all through high school and into my freshman year of college, but there was never really anything geared towards a young adult my age. I just wanted to start something that I would find inspiring and helpful, and that’s still what I go off of. 

Where do you get your inspiration?: It depends on the post. Fashion wise, often times I’ll see an outfit on the street and think “Wow, I want to recreate that!” That’s how most of my posts pop into my head. It’s just a style that I am particularly infatuated with at that point in time. Lifestyle wise, I try to stick with things that I can learn from. If I notice someone doing something awesome in Chicago, I’ll reach out to them. I love hearing people’s backstories and how they created what they did. 

Who do you look up to in the fashion industry?: I admire so many people! I really look up to all of the women who are making huge strides in not just fashion, but business in general. I like to stay up to date on what’s happening in the fashion/business world, and have learned that the two can be combined. For example, I really love what April Francis is doing with Dose Market. I chatted with her back in October, and found out that the mission behind Dose is to help small business owners. Also, Kelly and Hillary from A Drink With Chicago. I sat down with them when they first started their blog, and now it’s so well known, but they are still such nice women. 

How did you get the idea to start your own fashion show?: The show came together last year when DePaul’s UNICEF Chapter President, Khalil, asked me to organize and produce a charity fashion show in order to raise money and awareness for UNICEF, and it has grown into so much more this year! This year my site, StreetStyleChi, is proud to be partnering with FORD Models to produce the show for a second year, and we are hoping to create a greater awareness of UNICEF and it’s mission “to advocate for the protection of children’s rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential”. This show is my baby, and I have been working hard year round, with Khalil and FORD Models, to make sure that it comes together perfectly.

What’s the most rewarding part of what you do?: I do what I love, which is nice. Writing my blog isn’t a chore like some jobs can be. One of my favorite things is getting emails or talking to people around campus about a post that personally resonated with them. While I do write for myself, I want what I put out there to inspire others the way the people I interview inspire me. Everything else is just an added bonus. 

What advice do you have for others who want to start their own project?: Just go for it. I said in a recent piece, “fail harder,” and I really stand by that quote. Taking risks is just a part of life, and it’s not worth it if you don’t go 100% head first into what you love.  Sure, not everything you do will be successful the first time out, but I have discovered that I always learn something valuable and that’s what is most important. Also, be original. If you do something that everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon for, you won’t stand out.

Where are you most likely to be spotted on campus or in Chicago?: On the 11th floor of the Communications building downtown between classes, or the SAC grabbing green tea. In Chicago, I am all over the place. I spend a lot of time in the Gold Coast area and love finding new restaurants and scoping out trends, so you can probably find me eating somewhere or lusting after the latest Wang bags at Nordstrom! 

What do you hope to do after college?: Hmm…that’s a tough question, because I don’t know exactly what the future holds! I really love working on my site, so I guess I’ll see where it takes me! A few years from now you will probably find me working in some form of fashion, or trying to turn StreetStyleChi into much bigger and better things. When you do what you love, it isn’t really a job.


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