7 Small Businesses I Found Through Instagram for All Your Bralette Needs


If you’re like me, you’ve been around the block when it comes to bras. Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Target, you name it. Bra shopping is a time to feel sexy and look good for yourself and no one else! However, recent studies have shown that younger women should stop wearing bras because they actually cause breasts to sag and have no real benefit. Wearing no bra may sound scary, but bralettes are a great alternative. They still provide support, but do not have the uncomfortable underwire like bras.

In recent years, bralettes have become a part of fashion, with people having them peek through clothing. Bralettes can be found almost anywhere, with Target even hopping on the trend. However, there are many small businesses who make fabulous bralettes, with many of them being a one-woman show. Instagram has made it possible for people to promote their work and reach a wider clientele. Toss out that uncomfortable bra and support local businesses! Here are 7 awesome places to buy bralettes that I found through Instagram:

1. True&Co

Instagram: @trueandco

I understand that if you have larger breasts, you may be skeptical about my encouragement to buy a bralette. They are typically visualized as flimsy little things. True&Co breaks this mold by offering supportive bras with no wiring in sizes up to 38DDD. The pictured bralette has molded cups, stretchy fabric, and thick straps to help keep everything in place. Find it here.


2. Amme B’s

Instagram: @amme_b_shop

These cute bralettes come from a one-woman show! If you love pastels and florals, you will love Amme B Lingerie. Amme’s bralettes are known for being so comfortable that you forget you’re even wearing one. Her bralettes may seem pricey, but every single one is handmade. I bought one a few months ago and it was a great investment. It’s my favorite bralette to wear - so comfy! Amme B makes bralettes up to a size 36 DD/E. Find them here.



3. Lively

Instagram: @wearlively

When it comes to bralettes, Lively is a brand that puts comfort first. They are revolutionizing what defines lingerie, stating, “We are establishing an entirely new category and POV of lingerie, a movement that we call Leisurée.” Basically, you can lounge around in a comfy bralette but still feel sexy at the same time. Sounds great to me! Lively is size inclusive, carrying “Busty Bralettes,” which are specifically made for sizes 34D to 38DDD. Find them here.



4. Moldie Goldies

Instagram: @moldiegoldies

Everything at Moldie Goldies is handmade to order by one woman. From southern California, this small business is known for micro bikinis, but offers bralettes and lingerie as well. Many pieces are perfect for smaller-chested women. The seamstress behind Moldie Goldies is a total badass, adorning tattoos and riding a motorcycle. Her Instagram displays client photos, and her Instagram Story often shows her process of making bralettes and swimwear. Everything from Moldie Goldies is so cute that wearing anything over it would be a crime! Find everything here.



5. Aniela Parys

Instagram: @anielaparys

This lingerie brand offers so many vintage-inspired, feminine bralettes with matching bottoms. The designer behind Aniela Parys is from Oregon, but now lives and makes the lingerie in Barcelona. Everything is sustainably made, and will make you feel like a queen. They offer sizes extra small to large. The designer even offers classes so that you can learn to make your own lingerie! Find the beautiful pieces here.



6. Missippy Gypsy

Instagram: @missippygypsy

Missippy Gypsy is run by Whitney out of San Francisco, California. She makes comfy, strappy, bondage-inspired pieces. If you aren’t into that, she also has more simple bralettes. Missippy Gypsy has similar prices to Aerie or Gap, but those big companies can’t compete because they aren’t handmade. From reviews, this small business is known for adding unique and custom touches to packaging and being helpful answering questions. If you need a custom bralette or bondage-inspired lingerie at a good price, Missippy Gypsy is your gal! Find everything here.



7. Solstice Intimates

Instagram: @solsticeintimates

When I see Solstice Intimates, the word that comes to mind is “groovy.” All of the handmade lingerie has 1970s, bohemian vibes, with many pieces being made out of velvet and adorning fringes. Solstice not only does bralettes, but also makes custom pieces, men’s underwear, AND swimwear. Oh, and their bodysuits are to die for. What can’t they do?! They recently opened a store in Tempe, Arizona and are planning on opening one in Nashville, Tennessee next. If you need whimsical, vintage bralettes to show off, Solstice Intimates is for you! Find everything here.