6 Ways to Prepare for #TGIT



The last time we caught up with Meredith, Olivia and Annalise, Grey-Sloan Memorial went up in flames, Mellie Grant became president, and we found out who killed Wes.

We have spent months re-watching each show on Netflix and creating theories about the coming seasons. What will happen now that Quinn runs OPA? What is Olivia Pope & Associates without Olivia Pope? What will come of Rigg’s and Meredith’s relationship? And what is going to happen with How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM) now that we know who killed Wes?

We will be on the edge of our seats as we enjoy three hours in Shondaland. Something that--because of the delay start of Scandal and early season finale of HTGAWM-- we haven’t been able to experience for a while. So, Gladiators, it’s time to gear up for another wild ride (and the final ride for Scandal). In case you have forgotten, here are 6 ways to prepare for #TGIT.

1. Get the popcorn popping and the red wine flowing (for those 21 and up, of course).


2. You’ll also want to have a box of tissues.  

3. And a notebook to keep track of the eight plot twists in the first five minutes.

4. Make sure to get your #tribe together to enjoy three hours of powerful women kicking butt.


5. But remind them that discussion time is ONLY during commercials.

6. If you have time, re-watch the season finales of each show once more.


This week Grey's will be a two-hour premiere, so Scandal won't be on until next week. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to see what Shonda throws at us this year. With this season being Scandal’s last, we know she has many tricks up her sleeve. All we have to do now is sit back and enjoy the ride. Shonda has it handled.