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6 Unconventional Places for a Spring Break Road Trip

If you like doing things last minute, this article is for you. Spring break is a time of spontaneity, and it’s also a great time for road trips. Whether alone for some soul searching or with friends for some silly memories, road trips are always fun. Across the country, it’s not too warm yet and tourists from around the world don’t come until June. People currently swamp the beaches of Mexico and Florida, so it’s understandable to want to get away from that. Spring break is not terribly long for DePaul students, but it’s enough time to drive somewhere in the United States and see something amazing. Here is a list of 6 unconventional places to road trip to this spring break.


1. Whitaker Point – Arkansas


Located in Ozark – St.Francis National Forest, Whitaker Point should be renamed “Breathtaker Point.” The opening of Disney’s Tuck Everlasting was filmed here, and it’s also a popular place for proposals. It gets crowded because it’s such a beautiful place, so it’s suggested to hike there early in the morning. There’s many national parks in Arkansas that have phenomenal views, so after visiting Whitaker Point you won’t run out of things to see. Arkansas doesn’t disappoint!


2. Logan Pass – Montana


Logan Pass is inside of Glacier National Park in Flathead County, Montana. It is located along the great continental divide, which is a stretch of mountains running from Alaska to Mexico. It separates water that empties into the Pacific Ocean from water on the other side of the mountains, which empties into the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico. You can stand at the very point where you are in the middle of the divide. It’s an easy day hike and Glacier National Park is a beautiful place, so be prepared to be in awe for days.


3. Devils Tower – Wyoming


Wyoming may be the least populated state, but that doesn’t mean it’s the least fun! Devils Tower is defined on Google as a “laccolithic butte.” No, it is not a giant butt. It’s an amazing geological landmark that is considered sacred by indigenous people. It’s supposed to be amazing to go at night with all the stars in the sky. You can even climb Devils Tower if you’re feeling brave, but only 1% of visitors actually do. It is only 115 miles from Mount Rushmore, so you can always stop there on the way to or from Devils Tower.



4. Cape Elizabeth – Maine


If you live out east, Cape Elizabeth would be a great place to go! Make sure to bring a windbreaker, though. This town has less than 10,000 inhabitants, but the beauty is endless. There is also a lot of history surrounding English settlement, as the town dates back to 1765.

Feel the salt in the air as you stand on rocks near a lighthouse. Explore the small town and see how the locals live. If you enjoy seafood, you will not go hungry here!



5. Idaho Potato Museum – Idaho


Yes, you read that correctly. The Idaho Potato Museum is located in Blackfoot, Idaho. You could visit other amazing national parks on your way to this masterpiece of a place. At the museum, you can see the world’s largest potato chip, which is 25 by 14 inches. That’s the size of a poster in your bedroom! Potatoes are an amazing starch, being made into fries, tater tots, hash browns, and more! At the museum, they’re even made into cupcakes. Also, the museum has the slogan, “Free taters for out of staters!” How could you pass up that opportunity?



6. Philbrook Museum of Art – Oklahoma


The Philbrook Museum of Art is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s only a two hour drive from Oklahoma City, where you can see the Myriad Botanical Gardens and other great attractions. The art museum is in a mansion that has beautiful gardens outside. Established in 1939, Philbrook displays Native American art including pottery, jewelry, paintings, and basketry. The museum has since been added to, but the original structure is a fancy Italian Renaissance villa. How cool is that?




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