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6 Simple Ways College Gals Can Set Themselves Up for Success Over the Weekend





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It’s Thursday, also known as Friday for college students, and you are feeling a mixture of excitement and exhaustion. There’s a party on Saturday and your friends have been waiting all week to go out for dinner and drinks. You know in the back of your head you have a good amount of homework to knock out of the way and are finding it difficult to balance between your wants and needs in such a short period of time. You want to be productive, though. and are willing to make a few changes to your weekend schedule. Here are some tips to turn your weekend into a springboard for a successful week.

1. Tidy up your space.

A clean space equals a clear head. Whether you are sharing a room with a group of friends in a dorm or living on your own in an off-campus apartment, it’s important to keep your personal area tidy and organized. The weekend provides the perfect time slot to pick up that pile of laundry you’ve been neglecting all week, take out the trash, and readjust your belongings. Once you’ve completed all this you will know where all your important materials are as well as feel more concentrated when studying because you won’t be caught off track staring blankly into corners of messes.

2. Update your agenda.

In college everyone has a considerable amount to balance between work and social life. If you are highly involved you might be attending weekly meetings for a club, working a part-time job, keeping up with class assignments, all while trying to still stay in touch with friends and maintain a presence within a social scene. It certainly isn’t easy and that is why it’s a good idea to keep a physical record of one’s responsibilities. Forgetting can become a habit when our minds are full to the brim with due dates and appointments, so this weekend take the time to reassess your tasks so you can prioritize and get it all done. I personally find it quite cathartic to check off goals once I’ve completed them.

3. Study ahead.

Procrastination is a part of the college way of life, sure, but after going through one too many of those all-nighters in the library, scraping the corners of your brain for an 8-page paper, and trying to memorize entire study guides, you may have had enough. If you know you have a huge block of an essay due at the end of the month or busy work that needs to be finished, take an hour or two out of your weekend to stay ahead of the game. Start compiling notes for your distant test or write out the first three paragraphs of your research paper. You will thank yourself later.

4. Stock up on some healthy snacks.

With another week behind you and another one ahead, it’s the ideal time to stock up on some (healthy) snacks to keep you energized. During the week, we all find ourselves in a rush at certain points running between class, study sessions, and work. It’s always convenient to have a simple snack you can quickly grab or prepare before heading out the door. So, this weekend when you are looking to take a breather and get out of the house, stop by your local grocer for some yummy shopping. My personal favorite quick snacks are apples and peanut butter, veggie chips, granola bars, and mini carrots.

5 Send out some resumes.

While in college it’s important to get your hands on as much real-world experience as possible through internships. The college intern field, though, can be extremely competitive making it hard to find a position that’s not only respectable but aligns with your professional goals. Rejection is a common theme during the application process, but instead of letting that get you down, take a more optimistic approach by sending out even more resumes to potential employers. Over the weekends, designate a portion of your free time to apply for at least three to four internships. Think about it, over time amongst all the rejections you are sure to accumulate some acceptances.

6. Treat yourself to a self-care day.

College is stressful, and it’s important to always incorporate self-care into our daily routines as much as possible. Over the weekend consider delegating an entire day to nourish your body, mind, and soul. Go for a walk around your neighborhood or campus, decorate your living space with some creative DIY, or curl up in a blanket with a good book or TV show. Anything that makes you feel good is worth your time.

Oh, and don’t forget to spend time with friends! Successful girls need to have some fun every now and then too.


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