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5 Ways to Save on Your Beach Spring Break Trip



If you’re not going home for spring break, then you’re probably going somewhere warm like Florida. My best friend and I both have the same spring breaks, and surprisingly her mom’s idea was that we plan a fun St. Patrick’s Day weekend trip to Miami, Florida. How much fun would that be? Two broke college students free to go wherever and soak up the sun.

I know budget and money are pretty serious things, especially for college students. However, this trip will only cost under $500 or so. Going on a short trip like this is possible with a bit of planning. My best friend and I plan on enjoying the beach and doing whatever we feel like! Here’s what we considered and how we figured out the details.

1. Plan Your Flight First

I’ve never had to plan my own flight before, but found it really easy—easy to pick the wrong one. There are a bunch of different travel sites and discounted flight tickets everywhere. Be sure to know exactly what the website is and if it is a trusted discount flight site like: Travelocity, Expedia, or something like Kayak. I bought my ticket ahead of time through United just to make sure that I was getting a legit ticket and a round trip only cost me around $300. Don’t be scared to ask for help when it comes to paying a lot for a flight.

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2. Have a Cheap Place to Stay

We both booked our room through Airbnb, and I would highly recommend it. We found a room for three nights for $60 a night. We both split it and paid around $100 for the whole trip. All you need is a safe place to stay and Airbnb has incredibly low priced and five star options for everyone in every city or town. Always read the reviews and make sure the hosts are verified-super hosts are the best and most trusted on the website! It’s very accommodating, especially for some cheap college kids!

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3. Utilize Money Sharing Apps

At some point during the trip, one of your friends won’t have cash to split a tip, enough for an Uber, or anything else that might happen. Using money sharing apps is the best and easiest way to send money to your friends on your phone. Even splitting a place to stay through these apps make it secure and convenient in desperate measures. Apps like Venmo, Paypal, Cash App, Zelle, or even Facebook Messenger are great options. 

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4. Figure Out Transportation

My best friend and I are too young and broke to rent a car for our trip. We both have relied mostly on Uber and have not used Lyft or any other transportation service before. I would highly recommend using Uber as you can pool with other people to get an even cheaper ride. Also, rides are available at pretty much every hour of the day and night. It’s an easy app to follow and track the driver to make sure you’re safe and secure.


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5. Pack Only Essentials to Carry On

I know you have all of your instagrammable outfits in mind, but to save a boat load of money, packing light is key. Taking a carry on will omit the extra fare of checking your bag, and you’re only really going to have bikinis in there anyway! Since it’s a weekend trip, no need to pack five pairs of shoes. You can wear and also carry some of the stuff you plan on wearing there, too.  

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Hopefully, wherever you’re traveling this spring break will be a refreshing getaway from work or school. This should shed some light on cheaper travel and enjoying the most of your vacation! I’m definitely looking forward to my first trip alone with my best friend. Everyone have a safe and relaxing time off!


Natalie is currently a junior studying Public Relations and Advertising with a minor in Spanish and Event Planning. She is an avid beauty, interiors, and lifestyle enthusiast. When she's not doing yoga or obsessing over her golden retriever pup, you'll find her writing in the SAC, library, at the Stu, and basically, anywhere she can get good wifi connection at DePaul.
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