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5 Ways to Procrastinate That Won’t Make You Feel Bad

One of the best parts about attending DePaul is the 6-week long break in between fall and winter quarter—it really brings you back to life after a hell of a fall quarter. But, before we can get the sweet release of a break, we have to make it through finals first. Instead of procrastinating on studying for that test, writing that 10-page paper, or practicing your presentation with some Netflix, you can procrastinate with 5 ways that won’t make you feel too bad.  


1. Buy Everyone’s Christmas Gifts

How can you feel bad about procrastinating when you’re being such a good person and buying the people you love the most gifts for the holidays? You can’t. I know I’ve spent my fair share of time pausing my essay writing because I came up with the perfect gift and have to see if it’s on Etsy right now.

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2. Decorate for Christmas

Putting on some Christmas music and making your apartment or dorm room festive with your roommates is too fun to feel stressed about your big presentation. Plus, when you’re studying for finals, you’ll be doing it in an atmosphere of festive scenery.

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3. Make All Your Friendsgiving Meals

‘Tis the time of the year for Friendsgiving, which means you need to spend time picking out the perfect dish to bring and make it perfect. Which means that you just can’t sit around and make flashcards when there are cookies that NEED to be made!

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4. Make a Holiday Playlist

Crafting the perfect holiday playlist is crucial to your enjoyment of the holidays. You need the perfect holiday jam on your way to take your final midterm, which is so much more important than the actual studying, trust me.

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5. Celebrate the Holidays with Your Friends and Roommates

Since we do get such a large break for the holidays, most of the time we don’t get the time to spend really celebrating the holidays with those closest to us at college. But, you can always have early celebrations with your friends and roommates with holiday parties and Friendsgivings. How can you feel guilty about that paper when you’re spending quality time with loved ones?

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