5 Underrated Midterm Munchies You Can Get at 7-Eleven

If you’re a college student living near a 7-Eleven, let’s be real: this place is your best friend. The employees likely know you by name and you know exactly where the Kit Kats are. Don’t even get me started on their Slurpees!

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Some snacks are really underrated and today I’m here to talk about them. Midterms are coming up and you want to be fully prepared by having snacks at the library to close out a good crying sesh. Stress can make you hungry and 7-Eleven has got your back. Sweet tooth? They got it. A salty fix? You know it. Rewards program? I’ve already racked up 800 points.

Here are 5 underrated midterm munchies that you can get at 7-Eleven:


  1. 1. 100 Grand Bar

    This candy is so underrated it’s UNREAL! Think of a Crunch bar mixed with a Milky Way. Did you immediately think of heaven? Me too. Well actually I thought about how the name of this candy is representative of all our student loans, but you know what? We’ve got enough to cry about with midterms right now. 100 Grand will satisfy all of you with a sweet tooth.

  2. 2. Those Weird Pickles in a Bag

    It looks gross but trust me if you want something salty this will hit the spot. Eating one of these is honestly a whole experience. If you go to 7-Eleven with a friend and they ask who would ever eat those pickles that come in a bag, you can say you’ve done it. It’s like earning a medal. However only eat on the first floor of the JTR because of the ASMR-worthy crunch.

  3. 3. 7-Eleven Brand Smoked Gouda Chips

    I really don’t know what craving these fulfill but they’re better than you think they’d be. 7-Eleven chips ROCK! They are so underrated - there’s 27 different flavors of 7-Eleven brand chips! 27!!! If you’re in the niche market of wanting to angrily chew something with a delicious cheese flavor, then these are perfect for you!

  4. 4. Chicken Tenders 

    NOW HEAR ME OUT. I know what you’re thinking: No, just no. Well, when it’s 2 a.m. and you’re at the library and you want chicken, 7-Eleven comes through. They’re no Popeye’s and don’t pack much flavor, but when you want something fried and crispy these do the job. Get some ketchup, some Jalapeno 7-Eleven brand chips, and a big ol’ Slurpee? Perfect for that midterm study session.

  5. 5. Chocolate Milk

    This drink from childhood is for when you need to power through that essay. There’s no time to have something solid as your hands fly across the keys, but there is time to take a swig of chocolate milk. We may as well call it liquid gold. If you’re trying to pick something healthy but want chocolate, this is a pretty good option.