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With so many podcasts in constant circulation, it can be difficult to know where to start listening. True crime podcasts are one of the most popular genres available. In this article I list my top five favorite true crime podcasts and why you should listen to them.

you are what you listen to

1. Sword and Scale

Sword and Scale is a true crime podcast and arguably my most favorite. Sword and scale got me interested in podcasts of all types, and ultimately inspired me to get involved with podcasting myself. The narrator tells accurate accounts of crime cases from across the globe. There are interrogations with suspects, interviews with involved persons, and miscellaneous audio clips that gives the listener multiple perspectives of the crime. Sword and scale is engaging, horrifying and inspiring all at the same time.

2. Generation Why

Generation Why is another podcast I enjoy because while the focus is on true crime, the narrators are simply two friends discussing the episode’s case. This is another podcast which provides in depth research on the case at hand. Unlike Sword and Scale, Generation Why includes more commentary from the co hosts and minimal outside audio clips which makes this podcast a little less terrifying, as you are not hearing the killer’s voice directly.

3. This is Actually Happening

This is Actually Happening is a podcast where people tell first hand accounts about traumatic experiences they’ve dealt with. The listener hears directly from the person involved in the incident. While all episodes vary in subject content, each episode relates to true crime in some way. This podcast is interesting because there is only one narrator recounting the story, and the listener is drawn in to their first person accounts. 

4. Serial 

Serial is a classic true crime podcast series. There are three seasons total and while I’ve listened to each one, I highly recommend season one. A man from small town Alabama reaches out to a reporter concerning a covered up murder case. Upon actually arriving in the man’s town, it turns out someone died after all. But, it’s not what the listener expects it to be. Serial is binge worthy for a reason.

5. Doctor Death

My last podcast recommendation is Doctor Death. This is another podcast series that is as creepy as the title sounds. The series follows the story of a killer surgeon. Not only does the narrator highlight the victims involved, she provides insight to the American Healthcare Industry. The podcast’s episodes are all available along with bonus episodes. This series follows one of the most bizarre true crime cases that will make any listener think twice before seeing the doctor again.

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