5 Reasons I Want to Punt Tom Brady’s Face

1. He thinks he’s above regulations.

Brady is most widely criticized for his involvement with the infamous deflategate. However, this really isn’t fair. There are so many reasons to hate Tom Brady and this is one of the less heinous. While Brady did do his time and was suspended for four regular season games, it doesn’t make it all go away. New England was playing Indianapolis, two very cold and notoriously stormy regions in winter. Basically, a football that isn’t fully inflated is easier to catch because it has more give to it. If it’s easier to catch, you’ll get more touchdowns, have less fumbles, have an overall advantage. It sounds great, but it was still against the rules and gave them an unfair advantage. The kicker? This isn’t the first time Brady did it. It’s just the first time Brady and his pack of goons got caught. Baltimore came forward a year before the Patriots faced the Colts, but was brushed under the rug and chalked up to sore losers.

2. He plays for the Patriots. And always has.

To Chicago Bears fans, it makes perfect sense to hate someone based on who they play for. I mean, I really only hate Aaron Rogers because of his Packer’s status. However, people all over the country hate the Patriots. It’s not because they’re a great team. It’s not because they have a racist mascot. It’s because they receive blatant favoritism from the NFL and get away with it. It’s because they’re an organization that perpetuates the idea that black men are animalistic. It’s because they’re consistently the whitest team in football. Which, independently, would not be something to hate Tom Brady over. But…

Brady isn’t just a person who works for a team that low key-high key supports white supremacists. Brady is one. He’s pretty proud of it. He considers President Trump a close friend. He agrees with Trumps social policies. He is so proud of what his bud is doing in the White House that, where a majority of players have a photo of their family or a depiction of a religious figure, Brady has a red cap, with a slogan that makes Blue Demons check the ground for some chalk---Make America Great Again.

3. He’s rude AF to people who can’t do things for him

While the Patriots were warming up, Brady took a break and headed to the sidelines. A referee was doing his job and making sure everything was going well on the field. Brady flat out apologized to the Ref in advance for his behavior in the game. He called himself an asshole and that anything Brady said wasn’t to be taken personally. Brady said that the Ref must get crapped on a lot and that when they’re in the game they can’t help it. I just can't imagine that he “couldn’t help it” if it were the owner. Or a commissioner. Or his Father-In-Law. The Ref gets that treatment because he’s perceived as unimportant.  How classless.

4. “Most winningest QB in history”

I understand that Brady did not come up with this title. But it’s his and as a future English teacher it’s unbearable. When my brother mentioned it for the first time, I thought he had put away a few too many beers.  

5. He traded in his pregnant girlfriend for a Victoria’s Secret model.

Okay, you are not obligated to stay with someone just because there is a child. It’s not what’s best for you. It’s not what’s best for your child. But, when you’re in the public eye, I do think you are held to different standards. While he didn’t announce his new relationship until two months after he started dating Giselle, the press was quick to figure out that Brady left his pregnant girlfriend within weeks of finding out that she was pregnant. He has never commented saying this was false.

Also, this picture exists.