5 Quotes By Influential Women to Use Everyday



Our world is full of women to look up to.  For some of us, (and I’d guess for many of you reading this) women seen in the news, in movies, and other media are a huge inspiration. These women are actresses, comedians, businesswomen, politicians, and so much more. From witty comments to empowering statements, here are five quotes by influential women you can use in everyday life:

“There is no shame in falling down but there is pride in getting back up.” – Lilly Singh

Best known as her Youtube username IISuperwomanII, Lilly Singh is an actress, comedian, vlogger, and businesswoman. In her daily vlogs, she is authentic and passionate. Like the rest of us, she has bad days and makes mistakes. But she shows what it’s like to learn from those mistakes. This quote is something you can tell yourself and others as a reminder that you’re human.

“Instant gratification takes too long.” – Carrie Fisher

One of the late Carrie Fisher’s best qualities was her sense of humor. Written in her book Postcards from the Edge, this quote is not only witty but holds incredible truth to it. As college students, our world is high stress and high speed. Often, we may hold the “get it done now” mentality, trying to do anything and everything. It’s important to slow down and breathe. Take care of yourself. Take the time to enjoy life and your friends.

“When they go low, we go high.” – Michelle Obama

This quote from the former First Lady is something she told her two daughters as their family faced criticism and harsh words upon entering the White House. Make this your motto too. You can use this to defend anyone or anything that you’re passionate about.

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” – Oprah Winfrey

This quote is a great reminder that failure is a good thing. Failure teaches us to grow, to learn, to change. Sometimes you have to let Oprah herself remind you that you’re on the path to greatness, even while stumbling.  Look in the mirror and say it out loud, queen.



“I know enough now to know I know nothing.” – Amy Poehler

In her autobiography, Yes Please, Amy Poehler tells stories, jokes, and gives advice.  This one-liner is perfect for laughing at yourself but is also very real. Sometimes, even with all the things we’ve learned, the people we’ve met, and the moments we’ve experienced, we still have no idea what’s going on. The truth is that we always have something to learn. The search for knowledge does not have to stop when we get our degree.