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5 Procrastination Holes to Fall Down



In the midst of finals, all of us find ourselves resisting the urge to just shut out all our responsibilities and get lost in the world of procrastination. I’m here to help you give in to this irresponsible habit because there is no better motivator than a deadline that’s only 2 hours away.

1. Buzzfeed Quizzes


Let’s face it, there is nothing more important right now than knowing what kind of sandwich I am. Nothing.

2. @soap.asmr.ns on Instagram

Is this weird? Maybe a little. Is it satisfying? Oh yeah! I will probably never know how this person discovered that they love to cut up soap, but I am so glad that they did. Three hours of wasted time here I come!

3. Recolor App

If you love to color but don’t have the time to mess around with colored pencils and coloring books, try the app Recolor. There’s so many different pictures, tons of color options, and new pictures added everyday. It’s addicting.

4. Mukbangs OR The 10,000 Calorie Challenge on Youtube

Don’t ask me why it’s so entertaining to watch people eat excessive amounts of food on Youtube because I can’t answer that. Maybe I’m living vicariously through them.

5. Design Home

Now, I’m not proud of how much time I’ve spent on this app, but the first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one. For anyone else who has also dreamed of being an interior designer, here’s your chance.

With finals week upon us, I know I should be telling you how to stay focused or how to maintain self care, but do any of us actually follow those tips? We are all going procrastinate at some point, so we might as well enjoy it! That paper will get done eventually.

Bailley is a PR & Advertising major from the great state of Minnesota and will remind you every chance she gets. She is a self-proclaimed doughnut enthusiast, an avid reader, and a fan of witty comedy. You can catch Bailley caffeinating the world as a barista or desperately applying for copywriting internships.
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