5 Comediennes You NEED to Watch Right Now

Women are finally getting their due in the comedy world after it being a boy’s club forever. Here are my top five recommendations for female comediennes to check out on Netflix right now.

1. Cristela Alonzo

Age: 38 Hometown: San Juan, TX

Alonzo had a rough early life. She had an abusive father, but her mother left him and raised Alonzo and her siblings by herself. To process having a childhood of a single mother and surviving in poverty, Alonzo turned to comedy as a way to console this part of her. She ended up moving to LA to pursue comedy and quickly became an opening act and went on tour. After that, she became the first Mexican American woman to write, produce, direct, and star in a US Broadcast show. Most recently, she has gotten into voice acting.

2. Kathleen Madigan

Age:51 Hometown: Florissant, MO

Madigan comes from a large Irish Catholic family which is obviously a large community that is also represented in Chicago. While her comedy is mostly observational, her timing is what really makes her stand out from other comics of her style. Madigan’s tales of her parents, her six siblings, and loving wine are something that every individual, Irish or otherwise, will get a kick out of and laugh out loud to.

3. Jen Kirkman

Age:42 Hometown: Needham, MA

Kirkman got her start with sketch comedy and after realizing improv was a saturated field turned to stand-up. With her monotone delivery, she worked hard and gradually got the recognition that she deserves. Think Aubrey Plaza, but with the life experience to justify the depressing delivery. She’s a New York Times best selling author, and if you ever spend time listening to comedy podcasts, you’ll probably stumble across her.

4. Anjelah Johnson

Age: 34 Hometown: San Jose, CA

Johnson has been in the game for a while now and is easily the most recognizable artist on this list. Whether it’s from her time as Bon Qui Qui on MADtv or from her viral youtube cartoon about Vietnamese nail salon workers.  She has mass appeal because of her trials and tribulations with being a Latina in America that knows very little Spanish, while still having the comedic grits to take on any audience. I’ve been following her for years now and know you’ll love her too.


5. Ali Wong

Age: 34  Hometown: San Francisco, CA

When Wong’s comedy special hit Netflix this summer, she gained a huge surge of popularity and quickly gained recognition. In her special, she touches on her personal life, being Asian American, and writing for Fresh Off the Boat. With a crude mouth and a willingness to utilize physical comedy in a stand-up routine, Wong is definitely a comedienne to keep your eye on.