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5 Clean Beauty Brands We Are Grateful For in 2019

Clean beauty has been sweeping the nation because it’s better for the environment and better for our health, since there are no toxins used. As college students, we are thankful that we can add clean beauty products into our routines to help clear our acne and make us feel our best as we go to classes and work. Here are 5 clean beauty brands that have risen above the rest:



This brand is available at…Walgreens! Yep, there’s a drugstore clean beauty brand that is affordable and easy to get your hands on! While most of the products range from $10-$20, this is one of the most affordable brands on the market right now. Plant extracts are the main focus of this UK brand. They have products for every skin type, including mature skin, and the packaging is everything!



Origins is one of the most well-known clan beauty brands because it’s been on the market for a while now. This company devotes itself to helping the environment while providing some of the best clean skincare products! They plant trees in partnership with companies and always have supported ecological causes, too. Their products range from $20-$80 and can be found in Sephora.



Something unique about this brand is that they actually gather their ingredients from local, organic farms! Isn’t that awesome? Their packing is also sustainable, and their products are based off of delicious, healthy foods like cherries and honey. This brand’s prices range typically from $20- $60, and they can also be found in Sephora.


Youth To The People

I tried this brand when I was shopping at Sephora couple months ago, and I fell in love! This brand is vegan and includes superfoods in all of their products. Their use of glass bottles for cleansers, oils, and serums reminds me of juice cleanses, and they even smell healthy! Their cleanser is a 2019 Allure Winner, and it’s my favorite! This line ranges from $35-$60, and they offer mini travel sizes for some products.




This is a smaller brand in Sephora, but they promote fun skin care, use botanical ingredients, and is 100% carbon neutral. They also have a second line, Gro-To, which has safe products for young children! The prices of Go-To ranges from $24-$40, and their packaging is super cute!


2019 has been the year of clean beauty, but let’s not stop it there! Supporting and promoting clean beauty brands is essential to show that we appreciate natural ingredients, economically friendly packing, and an overall care for our planet. Add a clean beauty product to your holiday wish list, and give thanks for these brands at the dinner table!


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