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5 Best DCOMs to Watch When You’re Sick

It’s officially the time of the year in which the DePlague is back again. Everyone is sick and miserable and cold and stressed. But, the best way to combat this is to feel some nostalgia of being sick in elementary school and putting on some Disney Channel original movies. Here are the five best DCOMs you have to watch when you’re sick.


1. The Cheetah Girls

Even if you’ve completely lost your voice and can’t sing along, watching The Cheetah Girls will put you in a better mood right away. There’s nothing better than a singing girl group when you’re sick.



2. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

I haven’t seen this movie is at least 10 years, so it gives me all the nostalgia. Zenon’s adventures will make you feel at least a little bit better (and you can get some style inspo).



3. High School Musical

When practically everyone at DePaul is sick, we really are all in this together. And, if you’re stuck in bed all day, you might as well watch the entire trilogy.



4. The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Will you want to travel to Rome and fall in love after watching this movie? Yes. While you may not be able to actually get out of bed, this DCOM will at least entertain you and make you budget for a trip to Italy.



5. Camp Rock

You can’t lay in bed all day without watching Camp Rock. It’s the perfect movie to watch and put you in the mood to listen to the Jonas Brothers for the rest of the day.



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