13 Things Sex-Ed Failed to Teach Me

News Flash!

The education system in America is hilariously flawed, particularly on the topic of sex education. I went to high school in New Jersey (#1 for public education), and I can confidently say that I learned more about sex from talking to friends, confiding with family, and reading magazine articles, than from school. Sex education, especially in terms of women’s health, seems to be unknown in the professional world. Here are a few things that school failed to teach me:

Pee after Sex

Okay, this one is kind of beaten over the head with a hammer, but still. Women should pee after sex. If you don’t you can be at risk for getting a UTI. It is extremely important to never hold your pee during sex as well.

Never douche

Your vagina is self-cleaning, because she is a queen. Douching is interrupting that cleaning process, and putting products where they do not belong is bad. This can cause disease, infection, and even pregnancy complications. Let a girl breathe.

Foreplay is a thing, and should last about 15 minutes. Or more.

Men rush into everything, including sex. For women, this just simply is not possible. Never let some rush you into it. It is important to “warm up" so that sex will actually be enjoyable.


A larger percentage of women orgasm from clitoral stimulation

A lot of women struggle to orgasm without knowing the cause. A majority of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, but rarely do sex practices include it. 

If something is uncomfortable, say something

I feel like society thinks that women should be forced into a submissive and quiet role during sex. Sex is about open communication from both sides of the relationship. If sex feels uncomfortable or if it hurts, please say something. You are not being an inconvience. You deserve to enjoy sex.

Most stds or stis go without symptoms

It is not ideal for most people to practice abstinence. While it is important to practice safe sex in order to prevent stds or stis, sometimes things happen. However, most sexually transmitted diseases or infections have almost no visible and noticable symptoms. If you have not been practicing safe sex, make sure that you get tested for your own safety. 

UTIs do not occur soley from sex

A person can get a UTI from wiping wrong, not wearing cotton underwear, etc. Sex is just one of the reasons a person can get an infection, not the only.

Plan B does not work if you are ovulating

Plan B is always a back-up if contraception fails. However, if a woman is ovulating, Plan B will not work for her.

If you forget to take the pill one day DO NOT take more than one a day

Birth control regulates the hormones in your body, and taking more than the correct dosage is extremely bad for your body.


This common misconception has two issues. The first issue is that it is fat-shaming; people have different body types, and we should embrace it. The second is that it blames birth control for gaining weight. Weight gain is caused by your food intake and activity levels, not The Pill. There are indeed some side effects of taking The Pill that are real and valid, but there are also different kinds of birth control if the side effects of yours are unlivable.

Lube is your best friend

Lube can help things go a lot more smoothly for anyone and everyone. 

Masturbation is completely normal

Women are constantly shamed for enjoying sex, and talking about it. Whether you masturbate or don’t, know that it is completely normal. 


Sexual Health does not just mean being safe

Sexual health is loving your body, caring for it, and enjoying the sex you have.

All in all, I think it is extremely important to talk to your friends, romantic partners, etc. about sexual health. It is completely normal to have issues or doubts about your own sex life.