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12 Things Your Freshman Year at DePaul Isn’t Complete Without

Feeling behind in life? Me too. If my experience in college has taught me anything, it’s that there is always something more productive I could be doing with my time. So, I make lists that I use to attempt to catch up with, though the list never ends. I wanted to feel accomplished, so naturally I made a list of things I had already done so that I could cross all of the items off…#Success

Here are 12 things your freshman year of college isn’t complete without (*hint* hopefully you’ve done these already, if not– don’t. You could do something more productive).

1. Cried in the student center with your friends during dinner… on multiple occasions. Life gets hard, okay? And so was that Ethics midterm


  • 2. Had a serious conversation with St. Vincent DePaul. It’s what must be done.

Photo credit to DePaul Photoshelter

3. Ate at Allendes after a night out. It’s delicious at 1 am.


 4. Reminded your friends on Snapchat that you live in ChicagoEvery day. 

5. Spent 25 dollars on a bowl of fruit at the Stu. Why must everything be over priced?

6. Came home at 3am, took a shower and watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Only to realize you have to make a 10 am train back home. Priorities.


7. Sat on the bathroom floor with your roommate while you both suffered through an existential crisis. Once again, we felt behind.

8.Went to the Ray Meyer fitness center, only to get food from the the Bean. And winter wellness points.

9. Went to campus events for organizations you have not desire to join, but they had food. Once again, priorities.

10. Ordered pizza at midnight. Because no one should have to see you hangry and toppers is BOGO large 3 topping pizzas on Tuesdays.

11. Flaunted your skyline lunch view to your followers. You wish you were here.

12. Got excited when they had your fav soup. Corn Chili Bisque.



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