10 Wisconsinite Approved Cheese Pairings

Deep fried, by itself, with other food, in string form or block form, cheese is a staple in my diet. From a state best known for cows, beer, and cheese, I am a true Wisconsinite living in Chicago. Always on the prowl for fresh mozzarella and gouda, I will share my love for cheese with anyone who I can hold captive long enough to listen. I’m always ready to debate which restaurant has the best Mac ‘n Cheese or to drool over Culver’s Cheese Curds. Take it from a Wisconsinite, life is better with cheese.


Here are 10 ‘Sconnie approved cheese combinations:

1. The Cheeseburger - The most obvious combination. Yet, for some reason I still hear people order plain hamburgers. This I will never understand.

(Photo courtesy of Sweet Baby Ray’s)

2. Cheese fries - Another obvious combo that is often forgotten. Remember: if they ask, “would you like cheese with that?” Always say yes.

(Photo courtesy of  Outback)

3. Nature Valley original crunchy granola bar with a slice of Colby Jack cheese - This may sound like a strange combination. But trust me on this. The sweet granola complements the savory colby jack.

(Photo courtesy of General Mills)

4. Pink Lady Apples with cheese - Preferably with Colby Jack, this combo is a great snack.

(Photo courtesy of Delish Deliveries)

5. Grapes and Cheese - You eat cheese with wine, so why not eat cheese with the fruit wine is made from?

(Photo courtesy of Make Healthy Easy)

6. Bruschetta - Crunchy garlic bread with fresh mozzarella, organic tomatoes and a sweet balsamic vinegar dressing. How could you pass this up?

(Photo courtesy of Alanna and Company)

7. Saltines with peanut butter and Colby Jack cheese -  Filling and delicious. Can you tell I like colby jack? (Cheddar cheese is pictured).

(Photo courtesy of Spoon University)

8. Broccoli and cheddar cheese - Great in soup form, even better in vegetable form.

(Photo courtesy of Betty Crocker)

9. Pulled Pork sandwich with Mozzarella - best with mayonnaise, red onions and lettuce.

(Photo courtesy of CIA Enthusiast)

10. Mac ‘N Cheese Pizza - Preferably from Ian’s Pizza with a side of ranch dressing.

(Photo courtesy of Hankr)

Some of the combinations may sound a bit strange, but trust me, you will not be disappointed.