Would You Like Fries With That?

One of my best friends recently went on a first date with a guy and after we spent the afternoon picking out her outfit, doing makeup, and getting pumped for the date, she left to go meet him at 5:30. But when I got a text at 6:00 from her asking if I could meet up, I was taken by surprise. I ran over to her room and immediately asked what was wrong because she had been extremely excited for this date. Her answer appalled me. They had sat down at the restaurant, and she decided she was going to get a sandwich. The waiter asked if she wanted fries or a salad as a side, and she chose fries. The guy then ordered, but once the waiter left the table he looked over to her and said, “I’m surprised you chose fries. I think you could use a salad.” After taking a second to absorb the shock of this comment, she got up and left.

            This story, however, is not a unique story. Many women have experienced something like this. I personally have had guys comment on my choice of getting a burger instead of a salad on a first date, and I know many of my friends have experienced the same thing. But at the same time, I have ordered a salad on a first date because I enjoy salads, and my date leaned over and told me, “Aw. You didn’t have to order a salad just because it is our first date.” To which I told him I enjoy salads which is why I ordered it. He did not believe me, and the rest of the night he kept making comments about how it was cute I “tried to impress” him by ordering a salad. Needless to say, that was both our first and last date.

Why are some foods considered more “masculine” or more “feminine” when it is just food? It is not up to my date to decide what I am going to eat, because it is my own food and my choice. If I want a salad, I am going to order myself a delicious salad. If I want a greasy burger and fries, I am going to order it. If a guy does try to make a comment about the kind of food you order on your first date, be like my friend and run far, far, far away. If you want fries and the waiter asks, “Would you like a side of fries with that?” Answer, “Yes, I do.” And if your date makes a comment, then they do not deserve your fries-loving self. It is never acceptable to let someone manipulate your feelings and make you feel guilty about ordering a food. It is also not acceptable for them to think you ordered a food for the sole purpose of pleasing them. You can be yourself, and should not be worrying about what your date will think of your food order. Be yourself, and eat what you want. And always remember, fries before guys.