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Why You Should Care About the Harvey Weinstein Allegations

I can’t believe I actually have to say this, but you and everyone and their mother should be concerned about the allegations against Harvey Weinstein. 

As of October 16th, over 40 women (actresses, directors, and so many others) have stepped forward to share their personal altercations with Weinstein.

Let me repeat that: At LEAST 40 women were subjected to sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein, one of the biggest producers in Hollywood. Nay— the film INDUSTRY.

This outbreak of stories— horrifying, creepy, terrifying stories— is a perfect example of how damaged our society is when it comes to institutionalized sexism. Some of these women are famous, Oscar-winning, philanthropic women who hold great power and esteem within their industry. But yet, a single man is able to frighten nearly all of them into silence? And for years at a time? Pardon my French, but there’s something seriously f*cking wrong with that.

But Weinstein is just one example of the sexism that permeates society, and a famous one at that. There are SO many stories out there of people who use their position of power to get others to perform for them, and that’s downright disgusting. Some individuals are sexually harassed nearly every day, and stay silent, because the fear of speaking up and being hunted down is just far too great.

Weinstein is just one man, and he’s done so much damage—and if you think about it, think of all the men in power who aren’t as famous as Weinstein who have probably done as much or more damage to as much or more women, the numbers really rack up.

These women gave up parts of themselves to fulfill their dreams or to protect themselves, and that’s an injustice I will never get over. Women are not stepping stones to get from one place to another. We are not doormats, servants, or objects to control. Women are NOT here to be your playthings, your “side pieces,” or something for you to idealize as you masturbate.

Women are kind. Women are intelligent. Women are forgiving, creative, charitable, ferocious, brave, and beautiful, and if you think that you shouldn’t be disgusted by these allegations, that they’re “only happening to famous people,” or to people who “work for big bosses,” think again. Watch the woman in front of you in the grocery line shift away from a man who leers at her from across the way, watch how a woman ducks her head at a cat-caller on the street. Watch a little girl in shorts and a tank top be told that she’ll “fill out beautifully when she’s older.” Sexual harassment is everywhere, and if you’re ignoring it, you’re part of the problem.

If you want things to change, and you damn well should, you cannot sit back and let it happen. If you see it, call it out. Say something. Be a support system for the women who cannot fight back. Be loud, brave, and unflinching in your words against those who are lewd and cruel. This has to stop, because while the world may still turn, its people will never grow and thrive in the years that follow.

McKenna Ross

Denison '19

Hi everybody! My name is McKenna, and words have always been my best friends. I'm a big Star Wars fan, baseball (and the Houston Astros) is life, I chug copious amounts of tea every day, and my literary idol is, and will always be, Anne Shirley-Cuthbert.
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