Why Indie Music is the Best

Do you ever have those moods that call for a certain type of music? What if you had a type of music that could fit all moods like chill, crazy, party-like, romantic, and funky? Then indie music is the type of music for you. As opposed to the basic stereotypes of it, indie music is not only for people who smoke weed and dress like they’re from the 80’s. Indie music can have a funko-pop vibe, that is not the only type of indie music. Here you will be introduced to the many different kinds of indie music, all pertaining to the various mood swings of an angsty teenager.

  1. Indietronica

Originating in the early 2000’s with bands like Passion Pit and CVRCHES, Indietronica is a mixture of pop and electronic music that brings an amped beat to any party. These songs are perfect singing-in-the-shower tunes and getting together with friends to have a gooooooood time.

  1. Indie-Rock

This type of indie music emerged during the 1990’s. Categorized with bands such as the Smiths, Modest Mouse, the Arctic Monkeys and the National, this type of indie music can be head-banging and rad, or it can have smooth and dark rhythms with a guitar riff now and then. Indie Rock is perfect for those moments where you want to yell with a funky beat and dance around to a modern compilation of rock music.

  1. Indie-Folk

Starting in the mid-1990’s, artists that were influenced by indie-rock became attracted to more melodic, atmospheric folk music. Wanting to connect the two, they used acoustic guitar melodies of traditional folk music with contemporary instrumentation, hybridizing the genre. Modern bands include the Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Iron & Wine and Of Monsters and Men. Use this genre of music to create awesome playlists that can appeal to different time-periods, to chill and relax, or to study.

  1. Indie-Pop

Beginning in the 1970’s in the United Kingdom, Indie Pop combines mainstream pop with a more DIY approach of guitar ethics and originality. Some modern Indie Pop bands include the xx, MGMT, alt-J, Lorde and Florence + the Machine. These bands can be crazy and fun, but also bring a vibe for you to sit and relax with some friends and do some homework.

  1. Alternative Indie

Starting during the 1990’s, the founders of this genre wanted to stray further away from mainstream rock music. Bands like Nirvana, Coldplay, GreenDay and the Foo Fighters created their own type of music that was not quite grunge and not quite rock. These bands are perfect for when you want to dance around headbanging and especially would be good in concert.

  1. Indie (or “Underground”) Hip-Hop

Seperated from mainstream Hip-Hop, this type of Indie music is made up of independent artists in Hip-Hop. Artists in the genre include Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Kid Cudi. This music is great for parties and trying to get into the mood to have a great time.

Of course, you might have listened to some of these artists before, but what are you waiting for? Find the type of Indie music that fits for you, because as demonstrated above, it is pretty awesome.