Why Everyone’s Obsessed with Taco Dan’s

Some say that Wednesday nights are not as hopping as they used to be—or so it seems. Although RA’s are cracking down on Wednesday Sunny parties this year, the dedicated party people have found another outlet to let loose on hump day. That place is Taco Dan’s.  



Taco Dan’s is like no other business Granville has ever seen. Not only is Taco Dan’s a Mexican restaurant, but a vintage store and bar. On the first floor of the three-story Victorian home you find yourself surrounded by everyday household objects, like books and photographs, as well as not-so-much your everyday household objects, like obscure vintage clothing and paintings. But now, you will also find a brand new bar and pool table, which has attracted a multitude of Denison students down the hill.  


Although the new addition was the central lure for Denison students this year, the overarching chill-out-it's-all-good-atmosphere is one of its main attractions. Besides hanging out with your fellow liberal arts comrades, you find yourself sharing drinks with the owner Dan himself, munching on nachos with his wife, Barb, and talking about the current presidential campaigns with their son, Andy, all of whom have a matching hairstyle of a low-set bun. The friendly co-existence between the workers and customers adds to the let-loose environment, allowing students to further enjoy their alcoholic beverages and tacos.


Yes, I will admit, I think we were all sad at first about the lack of nightlife on Wednesdays this semester, as those pretend Fridays helped many get through the second half of their weeks. But then out of the darkness of Granville after 8 p.m., came a hope; a home filled with chillness, drinks and tacos: Taco Dan’s.