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Why Austin Should Be Your Next Destination

With fall break around the corner, I can’t help but think about all the things I love about home. Austin is a diverse, busy city filled with yummy food, good music, and a never-ending list of things to do. Not to mention the city’s motto, “Keep Austin Weird.” My favorite thing about Austin is definitely the amount of outdoor spaces there are to enjoy; I grew up walking around the lake and having picnics with my friends at the park. Whether you’re in the mood for a hike, swim, run, or you’re just looking to lay out under the sun, there’s something for everyone. And the beautiful thing is that you can pretty much do all of these things year round. If you ever find yourself in Austin, Tx, prepare to have a full schedule, and consider checking out some of the following places:


  1. Town Lake Trail: Whether you’re looking to bike, run, walk, or even canoe, this is your place. There are multiple routes that’ll take you various distances, and you’ll find people on the trails at pretty much every hour of the day. Some people will be in business attire, some will be walking their dogs, some will be canoeing on the lake, and others will be training for their next marathon, but there’s something for everyone. The trail surrounds Lake Austin, so you’re either running alongside sparkling water or taking in the gorgeous scenery that is downtown Austin. When you’re done, walk up to Juiceland to enjoy some of Austin’s best smoothies. My favorite flavors are moontower, peachy green, and the originator. Or, if you’re in the mood for breakfast, walk a little bit further up to Magnolia Cafe, open 24/7, and try their pancakes. 

  1. Barton Springs: Open year round, Barton Springs is especially appealing on a hot, summer day since it’s filled entirely with water from a nearby spring. The average temperature is about 68 degrees, so it’s chilly! But that doesn’t stop people from swimming in the wintertime, too. The annual “Polar Plunge” takes place every year on New Year’s Day. Afterwards, you can walk down the road to “The Picnic,” a food truck park. My favorite thing to get there is the pad thai from a place called “Coat and Thai.”


  1. Mount Bonnell: If you’re looking for the perfect place to see the sun set, this is your place. A quick hike to the top and you overlook Lake Austin. It’s a great photo op and place for a picnic, too. 


  1. Zilker Park: This is one of my favorite places in Austin. It’s essentially a huge field of grass where dogs run free, people play sand volleyball, picnics and tanning take place, and where Austin hosts it’s famous music festival, ACL (Austin City Limits), every October. My friends and I will meet up there to have donuts and hang out or just to listen to music. 


  1. 360 Overlook: Just two minutes down the road from my school is one of my favorite spots in Austin. A short hike to the top, you get a view of the 360 bridge and the lake. It’s another great place for a picnic or to watch the sunrise. 


I hope you find a time to visit Austin, because I guarantee there is something for everyone. Austin is a welcoming and progressive city with friendly people and fun places to explore. So, if you’re a foodie, a lover of music, people, the outdoors, beautiful weather, shopping, or you’re looking to explore a city, Austin is your place!

Hi! I'm Chloe and I'm a sophomore at Denison University in Ohio. I grew up in Austin, Texas, and I love playing tennis, petting dogs, drinking iced chai, and reading poetry. I am so excited about this opportunity to share my writing!
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