What is a "Sorority Girl"?

I decided to go through formal recruitment, even though I’d never considered myself to be a sorority girl. I did it anyway though, and I found a home in Kappa Kappa Gamma at Denison University. Since being there, I’ve met so many girls that I’d never considered to be the “sorority girl” type, but it got me to thinking, what is a “sorority girl”? I’ve been trying to unlearn these stereotypes, and I want to replace them with what I’ve learned about these women that I’m so lucky to call my sisters.


A sorority girl is girl who cares about something.

One thing I’ve learned since joining a sorority is that these girls are incredibly passionate about the things they do and the causes they stand for. Whether it’s the organization’s philanthropy efforts, their position on their chapter’s council, or their dedication to the friendships they’ve made, every girl I’ve met, in addition to their commitment to their academic performance, is fiercely devoted to her chapter and her beliefs.


A sorority girl is a girl who is enthusiastic.

Every girl I’ve met in Greek life is enthusiastic; they’re willing to participate in activities outside of their comfort zone with a smile on their face, eager to speak about their organization, happy to talk to potential new members during recruitment, and excited for the activities that they get to do together.

A sorority girl is a girl who is a leader.

A big part of Greek life is the leadership positions that are available to girls in these organizations. Ranging anywhere from chapter president to event coordinator to philanthropy chair, most girls involved in Greek life will step into at least one leadership position in their time in a sorority, and from that they will gain valuable leadership skills which translates into real-world skills.


A sorority girl is a girl who is a friend.

I’m finding that one of the biggest reasons that girls, including myself, join sororities is to meet people. Finding a chapter that feels like home truly means finding a group of women that feels like home. Most importantly, it means that there will always be someone there for you if you need someone, and that thought is incredibly comforting.