A Very, Very, Very Fine House

I will proudly call myself a Clevelander day in and day out. I will always be amazed by the natural beauty of a sunset over Lake Erie. I could never ask for a better education than what I recieved at Avon Lake High School. The friends that I’ve made and the family that I have in Avon Lake are valued beyond belief. But I’ve said enough about my little Cleveland suburb. It’s time to pay homage to my first home, the place where half of my heart belongs.


About 40 minutes south of the lake, a route that I know like the back of my hand, you’ll start to see fewer houses and more farmland. The shopping complexes bustling with busy people turn into cows lazily munching on the grass or laying in the sun. Suburbia turns into a relaxing rural destination. It’s my escape from the preoccupations of Avon Lake and a place that I’m lucky enough to call home.

Hanging out with Winston in the yard

Climbing to the top of the white pines in the front yard, ice skating when the river that runs through the woods freezes over, taking spontaneous afternoon hikes, and watching the cat prowl around the tall grass in the side yard are things that made up my childhood and things that I can still enjoy today. Even though it’s not that far from the Greater Cleveland area, I feel like it’s my own secret getaway. When I’m there, it’s my pleasant little world with my dad and brother.


In a way I feel kind of guilty, like how did I get so lucky to be able to call two places that I love “home?” Sure, not lucky in the sense of having divorced parents, but lucky enough that I have strong connections with both of my parents and associate great memories with both homes. But as much as I love Avon Lake, my home in the country is the first place that I ever knew. It was the first place that I called home after being brought back from the hospital. It has been a stable presence in my life for all 19+ years and it will always hold a special place in my heart that is hard to describe with words.

Singing in the rain with my older brother

No matter what I’m doing or where I am in the world, I will look forward to pulling into that long gravel driveway, unintentionally scaring a family of bunnies out from under a tree, seeing my dad at the kitchen window, and breathing in the familiar scent of the country. I cannot wait to go home. Happy Fall Break, Denisonians, I hope you enjoy every minute of it and find some relaxation.


And Dad- lets get some Village Pizza when I get back, I like that part about our home too!

A typical stunning sunset