Valentines Day, What's the Point?

Valentine’s Day has possessed different meanings throughout our lives. In elementary school Valentine’s Day meant handing out little chocolates and sugary hearts to classmates and taking home a sticker-covered paper bag filled to the brim with candy of your own. Maybe towards middle school Valentine’s Day meant the day you would finally tell your crush how you feel about them by spending hours crafting the perfect valentine card. And when you entered high school meant deciding that Valentine’s Day was a capitalist holiday as you rolled your eyes at the couples who would bring each other tacky chocolate boxes and teddy bears. Or maybe you were on the side of anticipating your CVS purchased gift every February 14th. Or just excited about the holiday, even if you aren’t receiving anything from a significant other. But just like black licorice or musicals, Valentine’s Day is truly a love or hate holiday: not much in between. Even if you only think of capitalism when you think of Valentine’s Day, money isn’t all the holiday is about. Valentine’s Day, or Saint Valentine’s Day, is named after the Christain martyr Valentine from Rome. During a time of war, Roman Emperor Clodius II believed marriage made soldiers weak, therefore, forbidden marriage. However, the bishop Valentine secretly brought couples in love in holy matrimony. Valentine was caught pursuing this and when he refused to agree with the emperor on his marriage beliefs, Valentine was executed on February 14th. 

So even though Valentine’s Day is filled with dinner reservations, chocolate sales, and tacky cards declaring love, Valentine’s Day is about so much more. It’s about taking a stand for what you believe in and helping others. Valentine took a stand for love and used his position to help others in the process. He married people to make others happy and even died for the sake of love. With all of the hate going on in the world, this is an act we could all learn from. Another thing Valentine’s Day has taught us is to not take advantage of love. Whether that is your ability to get married or just your fortune to have people around you who love you. So Valentine’s Day is the day to show those around you, you love them and thank them for loving you back. And the ability to show that love is a privilege and something that should truly be celebrated. So if your plans for Valentine’s Day were giving your significant other one hundred roses, eating a pint of ice cream on your couch, or anything in between, make sure you express your love, to the people around you and especially yourself!