Unfollow Them


In the age of social media, where everyone and their mother has Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…we all tend to compare ourselves to other people we follow. Even the ones we don’t know. 

I’m here to tell you that it is okay to UNFOLLOW anyone who makes you question yourself in the wrong ways. 

It’s different if you use that person or those persons as inspiration, but once you find yourself mourning over the things you don’t have that they do, get them off your timeline. It doesn’t matter if its someone who lives 500 miles from you, or someone you know personally that’s 5 feet away from you. If someone isn’t good for your mental health, you are not obligated to keep them around, in life or over social media. You are not obligated to sacrifice your emotional wellbeing for people that don’t make a positive impact in your life. And there is a bad habit that our generation has. We follow people we don’t necessarily like, as if we must. I’m also guilty of this. But after I realized how toxic social media can be, I told myself I needed to change some things to make my experience better as I scroll through my timeline.

Recently, I’ve been going on an unfollowing binge, getting rid of people who I don’t like, who I compare myself to, who makes me feel insecure. And let me tell you, it has been great. There’s a sense of relief that comes along with just letting go of people that aren’t good for you.

None of us should have to feel like we have a duty to follow people we’ve met once or follow someone that our girlfriend or boyfriend knows. If you don’t like them, don’t create other ways in which you could potentially compare yourself to them. 

So, my advice to you today is just try it out and see how it feels. But I can guarantee that it will feel liberating to let go of those people who are toxic and those people who compromise your mental health.

Happy Unfollowing!