Top 12 Obscure Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

It’s the end of fall semester, finals are coming up, you should be studying, but, of course, procrastination peaks its head and BAM! Four hours later, you are knee-deep in a new Netflix series, crying your eyes out about Sandy’s breakup and Joe’s mom’s cousin’s death. Who would have thought that The Real Housewives of Alaska could have been so emotionally grueling? If you’ve already watched the entirety of Netflix’s “most popular” shows, this list is for you. These hidden gems will inspire your studying procrastination more than ever before.

12. Jericho

This heart wrenching, post-apocalyptic series ended after only 2 action-filled seasons.

11. Royal PainsA Hampton’s house-call doctor lives the high life, caring for the wealthiest in the nation.

10. Last Chance UA not-so-boring documentary that follows aspiring football players climbing their way up the ladder.

9. Switched at BirthThe story of utter catastrophe, following two teenage girls as their lives are flipped, literally.

8. LostMost definitely one of the most confusing television shows ever aired in this century, but well worth the watch.

7. The RanchThe ever-famous Ashton Kutcher premieres in this comedic piece of southern charm.

6. Life UnexpectedShort-lived? Yes. Fantastically played? Yes again. Adoption has never been so dreamy.

5. The People vs. OJ SimpsonFor us youngins’ who did not have the opportunity to see the OJ trail play out in real life, here it is, brought to you by FX.

4. The Good PlaceHeaven? Hell? How about neither? This show is the epitome of modern comedy with just a little bit of romance in the mix.

3. Bates MotelThis gruesome, and partially incest-ridden series is one you’ll never forget.

2. Drop Dead Diva21st century outdated? Possibly. Hilarious and heart-warming? Definitely.

1. Dear White PeopleMaybe not as obscure as the others, but definitely a show that is a must-watch for everyone, everywhere.