Tips to Move Past Procrastination

The other day I was watching this TED talk… As I was procrastinating. I have had serious problems in the past with procrastinating and it has become more and more problematic as I have progressed in my life. Most recently, I have put off looking for jobs, writing my resumé, looking into law school, and even writing and researching for my senior project, which is due next month. Here are some tips that I have compiled:


  1. Make a Schedule and Stick to it!

I know people always say to make a schedule and that it is easier said than done. Some ways I have found to stick to a schedule better is to tell people what you are doing and when. It makes you more accountable for what you need to do and makes you feel more guilty if you don’t do it. Try hanging your schedule up in a common space to achieve that.

       2. Do NOT Do Work Where you Relax!

I know how tempting it is to do work in bed. It’s warm and soft and comfortable, which is exactly why it is a bad work environment. More often than not when I am in my room, on my living room couch, or in my bed no work will be done unless it’s crunch time. Work at the kitchen table, go to your favorite coffee shop, or head to the library. Places that you have to sit up straight actually have some mental benefits, so go out and find one of those places that works for you!


       3. Set Limits!

I set timers for myself. Not everyone can be doing work all the time. We need breaks, but it is easy to get into a spiral of un-productivity. It is easy to hit that next episode button or read just one more chapter. Set limits for yourself. It isn’t that you can’t do these things that you love to do, but when it starts interfering with important aspects of your life, you need to buckle down and get to work.

      4. Don’t Forget the Reward!!

You also need to reward yourself… once you have worked hard to deserve it. Eat that cookie, watch that new TV show, buy that new thing you wanted after you’ve completed what you set out to accomplish for the day.



I know that these things are hard and seem unattainable. A lot of it is the motivation to get up and start your task. But these tips should help you get to a good starting place!