Tips For Celebrating Your Friends Birthday in Quarantine

I’ve always loved celebrating others’ birthdays. It’s a day designated to someone you love and they get to be showered with love all day! In these strange and unusual times, it can be hard to feel like celebrating a birthday, especially when you can’t be around a lot of people you love. However, that doesn’t mean you should let this special day pass you by. Some of my closest friends have April birthdays, so I thought I’d share some of the ways my friends and I have helped celebrate these aries queens.


  • Send them snail mail! Everyone loves a good hand written letter. Whether they live down the street or across the country, this gesture is really touching. 

  • Send them baked goods or leave a sweet treat on their doorstep (and make it a surprise!)

  • Set up a zoom birthday party for them!

  • Send them a video compilation of friends saying happy birthday!

  • Call them on the phone and ask them about their day.

  • If they live in your town, do a drive by birthday party! Make signs, fill your car with balloons, and drive by your friend’s house and yell out how much you love them.

  • Host a netflix party and watch their favorite show or movie.

  • Send them a package.

  • Plan a big celebration for their half birthday!


Whether they’re turning 13, 21, or 45, this probably isn’t how they imagined they would spend their birthday. Let them mourn that a little bit, and then ensure that this is a birthday they won’t forget!