Thinking about "Simps"

If you’ve been on the internet anytime within the last few months, you may have seen a meme or two about simps. What are they, do you ask? Wiktionary defines a simp as “A man who foolishly over-values a woman and puts her on a pedestal”. I like Urban Dictionary’s top definition better: “a man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table”. According to a different Urban Dictionary entry, simp stands for Suckas Idolizing Mediocre P*ssy. 

Things a simp would say include:


“I would never date an ugly girl...because I don’t think they exist!”

“Hey ladies. Do me a favor. Don’t show me your boobs, show me your mind.”

“I don’t have abs, and I don’t have sexy shoulder muscles, but you know what I do have? A heart that will treat you right.”


Let’s analyze why each of these sentences are simp statements.

The first one is just desperate. Someone with some self-confidence knows what they both want and don’t want in a partner. That includes personality traits, interests, and looks. This statement implies that they’re so insecure they’ll take anybody, no matter how they look and consequently who they are. Come on, that’s setting a bar low as hell. Do you, as a woman, really want to deal with a dude this insecure? Or wait: Maybe he’s not insecure and is simply saying this to get into your pants because it sounds like a feminist statement. That all women are beautiful in their own way is a feminist statement. That, “I’ll give any woman a chance because I’m horny” is not.

Sentence two: Implies all women show their boobs for the benefit of men, but this simp’s a “nice guy” and “wants to know who you really are” instead. Blech.

Sentence three: Implies all women are only interested in abs and sexy shoulder muscles.

See what I mean? Simps = sexist. Simple. (Haha.) 

Recently, though, I’ve been concerned that any male who even appears to respect females is getting mocked online. This sucks, because genuinely respecting women should not be genuinely mocked. I think a lot of people confuse simp behavior with authentic respect for women. A simp is going to reduce women, either by pretending to care about their needs or by playing up the “nice guy” angle. A simp is an asshole, a feminist man is not.

Bottom line: if a man genuinely respects women, do not mock him for it! But if a man is only pretending to respect women for his own personal gain and security, mock his a** until he’s humbled and educated. That’s all I’ve got on that.

men holding up a banner for women's equality