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The Easton Mall is the mecca. I truly believe that. After my first month and a half or so on the hill, my friends and I decided to venture into the acclaimed shopping stop. Fully equipped with googled knowledge of all that it entailed, I was so ready to see my old friend Zara. The drive wasn’t bad, only thirty minutes or so had passed before we made it into an underground parking lot. Now, I realize it was a Thursday afternoon, but I was flabbergasted at the amount of free parking available. It’s the little things. The mall itself is laid out into a few sections. There is a strip mall with off-price retailers, ranging from a Sierra Trading Center to a Nordstrom Rack. There is a vertical mall with your more name brand, slightly less pricey garb. And finally, a brick lined street of pure joy, and of pure pocket emptying glory, the Urban Outfitters and Free People adorn this row. 

We first entered into the main event, the escalator boasting, glass building stocked with maps of all their offerings. The smell of popcorn permeated this area, under the lights of an enormous AMC sign, but I wasn’t complaining. In fact, I really wanted to see a movie, and I attribute that to some pretty good advertising. Unfortunately, time was limited though, so instead, we made straight for Auntie Anne’s. It is absolutely indescribable how good the pretzel bites were. Pillowy, doughy, salty, need I say more?! The snack options were endless, and the stores well stocked. We scoured the H&M before heading out for the streets. This was truly my Achilles heel. I am unsure of how to sound un-vapid in a mall review, so I might as well lean into it. I just love walking malls.

As day faded into night, white string lights lit up, and the charm cranked up quite a few notches as well. Cobblestone roads and a Crate and Barrel, I almost forgot I was in Ohio. Hoisting bags, the walkability of the mall really helped. Even more, it was incredibly drivable, and when our party made its way to the Marshalls, switching from parking garage for a lot even closer, I couldn’t help but oblige. Our final stop was dinner, situated right next to some sort of grassy square, adorned with benches and more of those wonderful lights. Live music played throughout the meal, and a break from dining hall pizza felt like the best gift I had ever received. As we forked into our Cheesecake Factory desserts that we had picked up on our way back to the car, I almost felt emotional. There is some magic in the Easton mall. I don’t know if this is a sign of absolute depravity of finding myself in a small town after growing up in a city, or if there really is something in the water. Regardless, I can’t recommend the place enough. Light up your life, head to the Easton Mall.

Anna Cohen

Denison '25

Hailing from Chicago, I'm excited to take a break from city life to experience Granville and all the Denison has to offer. I love writing, and can't wait to explore all of my interests and to publish here on HerCampus.
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