A Thank You Note To My Lady Squad

Sometimes the people who go thankless the most are also those who you owe the most to. Often these people can be found in your circle of lady friends. This article is dedicated to these women in our lives, cheers to the supportive sisters around us!

Thank goodness for the women who bring us soup on our sickest days. We owe all kinds of stuff to you, like our health and sanity. Your kindness knows no end, and it’s this continuous generosity of yours that has allowed me to flourish as much as I have. You step up to the plate when we need a mom figure, and we’re forever grateful for that.

Cheers to the women who let the drunk guy at the parties know that his love is unrequited. You have just the right dance moves to keep a solid buffer between us. I feel much safer knowing you have my back. I like to think of you as a sassy barrier between fun and fear, and keeping that balance is one of the most important things you do for me.

A shout out to the ladies that brighten my day through the tiniest of conversations. We may not speak much but bumping into you never fails to fill me with happiness. We never fail to  pick up right where we left off. I love sharing our worlds, even if they only happen in increments.

Here’s to the friends we never thought we would have. It’s true what they say; opposites do attract. Differences may seem scary at first, but diversity finds a way to add beauty to each situation. Thank you for making us leave our comfort zones, or leaving yours to join us. Our lives are significantly more colorful now that you’re a part of them.

Don’t forget the importance of the honest friend. We are grateful to you for so much. You never fail to alert us to a negative situation, be it an outfit or a relationship, and without your guidance we would most likely miss all those ques.

And lastly to the fearless adventurer: you always have a scheme forming somewhere in your mind. The plotting you put so much effort into surely guarantees us a wild night to come. We are so thankful that you’re around to keep us young, even when sometimes we don’t feel like it.

Thank you to all these strong women in my life. Without your pizzazz, diversity, adventure or generosity I could not successfully be the person I am today.