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Ten Songs I Wish I Could Hear for the First Time Again

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Music has always been a big part of my life. My Dad has played guitar since he was in high school and I grew up listening to him play both acoustic and electric guitars. I played in piano throughout elementary school, took voice lessons in high school, and played around with the guitar in high school. I was put into musical theater camp at age 7, which fostered my love of singing and musicals. I treat my Spotify account like a social media account and tailor my playlists to the nines. Yessir, music is very important to me.

As someone raised me on songs by The Beatles, I have always been drawn to rock music. Rock music makes me feel alive and it brings me joy in unimaginable ways. A devoted fan of folk rock in high school, I would categorize my current consistent music taste as modern/indie rock. I love to talk about music all-day everyday; it’s a topic I will never grow bored of. I was once told that music expresses one’s worldview and that people with like-music will often find each other and become meaningful friends.

Songs hold memories for me; they are chock-full of moods, feelings, and emotions. Here are ten songs I would give anything to hear for the first time again.

  1. Off She Goes by Bad Suns – I feel confident in saying that this will forever and always be my favorite song. The guitar melody at the very start, which remains ongoing throughout the song, sends me into an inexplicable state of melancholy and nostalgia. Everything from the simple lyrics to the wistful tone makes this a flawless track in my eyes.
  2. Seven Nights Seven Days by The Fratellis – While I am all for moody music, I also tend to seek out songs that bring about joy. Seven Nights Seven Days is a perfect combination of these two ends of the spectrum; a fast-paced, upbeat melody plus borderline gloomy lyrics.
  3. Vienna by Billy Joel – Blame it on my piano background, but Billy Joel’s piano solos never cease to amaze me. As a young adult constantly caught between the pressures of growing up and embracing my youth, this song resonated with me immediately. If I hadn’t studied abroad in Berlin this past spring, I think I would’ve been very tempted to go to Vienna, simply to attempt to experience the city the same way Billy Joel did.
  4. Too Late by The Happy Fits – I’m a sucker for a song with clever lyrics. Bordering on nonsense, Too Late’s lyrics can be described in no other way than witty. Composed of 3 band members, The Happy Fits is a unique rock band in that their lead singer also plays the cello in all of their songs. I started listening to this band in high school back when they only had a couple of songs out. It’s been amazing being able to follow The Happy Fits as they’ve risen to fame and produced several albums since.
  5. I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Don’t be mistaken by the confident, determined title of this song. That’s not to say that this song isn’t inspiring, but Tom Petty twists the concept of this song and utilizes a wistful tone in this song about hardship.
  6. Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears – Melancholy seems to be a reoccurring theme in my music taste because this song can be described in no other way. This has to be the main song I wish I could have been alive for to hear in concert. Released in 1985, the song has many Cold War implications, especially in its lyrics.
  7. 40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – 40 Day Dream is a song that will never fail to bring me back to high school. A favorite song of mine and my friends from Minneapolis, I will always value the happy feelings it brings me and the memories it takes me back to. In my mind, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros is the quintessential modern American folk rock band.
  8. Sweet Talkin’ Woman by Electric Light Orchestra – A recent favorite band of mine, Jeff Lynne and the rest of ELO have somehow mastered the formula for a perfect song. The combination of simple lyrics and catchy melodies makes ELO a top-tier band in my eyes. Like the Happy Fits, ELO is unique in that it includes string instruments more commonly found in orchestras in its rock songs, hence the band name. Based on my love of The Beatles’ George Harrison and Tom Petty, it was inevitable that Jeff Lynne would appear on this list. ELO never ceases to bring me pure and utter joy through their music.
  9. Celeste by Ezra Vine – In 2014, Ezra Vine put out one album with this perfect song on it then disappeared from the music industry. Another high school favorite of mine, Celeste is a gorgeous love song that is more upbeat than most love songs. Joy, another common theme in my music taste, is so very clearly conveyed through this song.
  10. A Day in the Life by The Beatles – It would’ve felt wrong to not include a Beatles song! Lasting nearly 6 minutes, A Day in the Life that takes you on a fantastic emotional rollercoaster. This song dazzled me as a child but it wasn’t until my first semester of college when I took a rock music history class that I truly understood the implications of this song as a work of art.
Fiona Schultz

Denison '23

Fiona is a senior at Denison University who works as the Senior Editor and Co-Chapter Coordinator for the Denison Chapter of Her Campus. She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and is pursuing a History major as well as two minors in Political Science and Environmental Studies. Her favorite pastimes include reading mystery novels, making curated playlists, and catching up on politics.