Surviving the Second Semester Slump

Second semester is upon us, and it’s hitting just about everyone with the weight of a freight train. There are few things more difficult than coming back to campus and being thrown right into the hustle and bustle again. With flu season still raging on, and assignments creeping up on us, here are 6 ways to stay happy, healthy and focused during the second semester slump.

  1. Don’t forget about your legs!

Exercising in any capacity is extremely important to maintaining both your physical and mental health. In fact, studies have shown that exercising regularly can help maintain positive moods and prolong your energy. That’s not all though; working out or staying physically active also promotes better sleep and a more enthusiastic sex drive. Who’s going to argue with that?

2. Sip, sip, hooray!

Drinking water is a surefire way to keep yourself happy and healthy, especially since our bodies are primarily made of water! In fact, drinking enough water daily has been tied to more energized muscles, better skin and healthier diets. The amount you should aim for daily varies from person to person, although 72 ounces is the standard for women, and 104 ounces for men. There are plenty of places to narrow your recommendation online, and I highly recommend doing so. Sure, you’ll be running to the bathroom every hour or so, but it’s so worth it.

3. Give yourself a time out.

It’s easy to rush through the day with a very goal-oriented mindset; often we think, “just get through class, then lunch, then practice, then work and then bed.” However, this type of planning doesn’t allow you any time for, well, you. If you schedule in “you” time, you’re more likely to stick by your word. This doesn’t have to mean taking yourself to get a pedicure every week, but more simply just giving your body and mind a rest during what would otherwise be an overwhelming day. My favorite “mandatory timeouts” include enjoying a particularly long and warm shower (with anti-stress lotion awaiting me at the end), taking an off campus Starbucks run or participating in a yoga class. Forcing yourself to be centered and self-focused helps lessen the effects of stress, and has even been shown to help you sleep through the night. That’s some pampering I can really get behind!

4. Be wary of the caffeine jitters!

We can all go a little above and beyond with the coffee intake, but there are actually a number of health concerns that accompany high levels of caffeine. Too much coffee can lead to insomnia, irritated stomach issues or even muscle cramping. For your morning drink opt for tea or another alternative, and save coffee for when you really need it!

5. Party!

Kind of! More like find time to socialize with your favorite people. These are the people that reduce drama, not start it. Spend time with them and focus the time towards positive things and activities. It’s been shown that happy interactions with your favorite people is actually incredibly important to maintaining a balanced view on the world.


6. Follow the gut.

When it comes to self care, there is no singularly correct method. Following your gut feeling is the best way to gauge exactly what your mind, body and soul need. Listen and learn, ladies and gentlemen!