This Summer's To-Do List

Summer is quickly approaching, and the sun is shining more and more every day! The beginning breezes of summer air are filled with joy, laughter, and excitement. Yet, after the initial “fun” of the summer sun wears off, boredom slithers its way into the cracks of free time you have left. It’s never a good feeling knowing that the time you have left is being wasted. Take a peek and read up on some fantastic ideas that will keep your summer exciting and adventurous!


  1. Go on a picnic.

Grab your significant other or some friends and take a trip to a local park or even to your backyard for some “foodie” based ventures! Pack some fine cheese and grapes or make hot dogs and tater tots to bring along! Either way it will be a blast!


2. Attend a community production.

For all the theater lovers out there, just take a moment to google “community productions in my area” and find some AMAZING (and cheap) shows to attend.


3. Catch butterflies.

Remember those childhood days of butterfly nets and lightning bug ventures? Get in touch with your inner-child and roam outside to catch some beautiful butterflies!


4. Host a movie day.

Invite some friends over and pop some popcorn for an entire day filled with your favorite movies! Whether that be some Nicholas Sparks’ productions or Bridesmaids, enjoy a day with the ladies and save some money while doing so ;)


5. Visit your local art museum.

Even my little old town in Ohio has a local art museum to visit, so I’m betting that wherever you are, your town does too! Save some money (most are free) and view some beautiful pieces created by some local talents.


6. Host a spa night.

In the mood to put on some face masks and paint nails? Invite over a few friends, light some candles, and make some homemade face masks to get the “real” spa effect. Turn on some music and light the fireplace, it’ll be a blast.


Don’t let this summer waste away before your eyes! Take advantage of the time you and have and enjoy some simple activities to get you out of (or keep you in) the house. Don’t forget to soak up some of that vitamin D!