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Summer Survival Kits

As the year is winding down and finals are consuming our lives, let’s take a break to think about summer! Here’s my guide of everything you’ll need to make your summer one of the best one’s yet! Whether you’re slaving away in your internship, sipping mimosas by the pool, or spending it indoors- you’ll find some handy uses for these!


  1. Bed Head

Bed Head for this summer is an absolute must. If you’re hanging around the pool, the moisturizing detangler spray is going to be your go to every time you get out of the water. We don’t want to have knotty hair for the rest of the day! Once you’ve gotten all your tangles out, spray a little bit of the Oh Be Hive Dry Shampoo into it to make it look clean and smell fresh! This is one of my personal go tos no matter what I’m doing. Now, since you have clean, knot-less hair, put some Beach Me Wave Defining Gel Mist in it to make those curls ROCK. You’ll have beach waves for days.

2. Buxom Lip Polish

Wake up late and need to make it to the office in 5 minutes flat? Grab some of Buxom’s Full-On™ Lip Polish to brighten up your outfit and make anything office ready!

3. Krazy Glue

Oddly enough, Krazy Glue comes in super handy when you’ll least expect it. We found these single use pouches so there’s no need for it to dry out! Running for coffee when your heel breaks? Krazy Glue it back on! At the beach and your sunglasses snap? Krazy Glue it! This has honestly saved my life more than you’ll ever know and I always keep it in my bag.

4. Schick Quattro You™ and Skintimate

Schick has been doing some amazing things to make my legs so much more beautiful and smooth than they’ve ever been. I’ve even been able to skip a couple days! They’re even super cheap so when you, naturally, forget your razor at home – it’s super easy to go to any drug store to pick them up! Use this razor and Skintimate’s new 2-in-1 Shave Cream and Skin Conditioner, and your legs will be smooth and luscious for days.


5. Schick Silk Touch Up

Along with their incredible razors on my legs, they’re even making my day to day face look so much cleaner! With their small Touch up razors, I can easily shape my eyebrows, remove fine hairs, touch up my moustache all at the comfort of my desk. There’s a nice cover for the blade so I can throw it in my bag and not have to worry about getting cut on it every time I reach in for something.

6. Freeman Beauty

When I finally come home from a long day at the office or beach, I want to just kick back and relax. So why not make it into a mini spa night? Freeman has some INCREDIBLE face masks and scrubs that leave you feeling smooth and clean for days. My personal favorite is the Charcoal and Black Sugar Gel Mask and Scrub. It smells DELICIOUS. Give it a try!


So why not keep these in your summer bag of goodies along with your summer favorites. Let me know what they are so I can take a look on Instagram at @hcdenison

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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