Spring Netflix Watch List

As the semester is coming to a close, personal time is definitely needed. In the midst of finals, various projects, and podcasts, find some time for yourself! Here's my list of "must watch" Netflix shows that will surely give you a break (but might result in obsession). 

1. Black Mirror

With each episode like it's own mini movie, you're never going to get bored with this show. Although this has led me to question and fear a lot of things in the current society, an absolute must watch. Beware: Some of the episodes get really, really heavy. There are plenty of trigger warnings online. Please make sure to seek these out if you have any sensitivities. 

2. Age Gap Love


This quirky Australian reality show is definitely controversial, but so fun to watch. It takes you through various age gap relationships and the struggles they face throughout their everyday lives. 

3. Nailed It!


Honestly one of the funniest competition baking shows I've ever seen. Much like other baking shows, competitors race to the finish to make beautiful masterpieces. Instead of using their own creativity, these *amateur* bakers need to replicate another cake they are shown. You're bound to be rolling on the floor and yearning to take a step in the kitchen to try these cakes out for yourself! 

4. Queer Eye

Truly the most heartwarming thing on Netflix right now. A reboot from the early 2000s, this show takes five homosexual men to Atlanta, Georgia where they make over another man's (either straight of gay) entire life from clothes to food to lifestyle. All the men are completely ready for these five gay men to completely make over their lives and the end reveals are incredible. 

5. Everything Sucks!

A wild ride from start to finish. I, personally, binged this in about a day and a half. This beauty follows the daily lives of a couple freshman in high school through love, loss, and life. Super cute. 

6. Friends

Just a classic. If you haven't seen at least one of these episodes, you haven't lived. 

7. Gossip Girl

Again, just another classic. This is one of the best fashionista, best friend, dramedies I've ever seen. Worth the binge. 

8. Orange is the New Black

I have watched the past four seasons in the day they have come out. If you like lesbians, comedies, and breaking the rules - this is definitely one for you. 

9. The Great British Baking Show

A classic and ~classy~ baking competition. 

10. Big Mouth

THE SINGLE BEST ANIMATED COMEDY ON NETFLIX. Written by comedian John Mulaney, it's about a group of kids in eighth grade going through puberty. Highly inappropriate, drop dead hilarious, and very quick episodes. If you don't watch any of the others on this list, give this one a quick gander! Also, they come up with the best insults. I use them in real life.