Songs That Have Been Getting Me through Quarantine

Quarantine is bad. Nobody likes it. Nobody likes the uncertainty of the future! I know I don’t!! But there have been songs that I’ve found in the past six weeks that have saved my sanity. Here’s what they are! 


  1. Vegas” by Hollywood Slasher. This song is CELESTIAL. It sounds like sunsets and midnights and warm weather. Go listen to it right now!!!

  2. “Play Date” by Melanie Martinez. Fine, I DID discover it from that Timothy Chalamet dancing Tiktok, but the song still pops off REALLY HARD.

  3. “Make it Out” by Jaguar Sun. The main lyric, “Make it out and we’ll be fine”, is a great mantra for our current times!

  4. “Too Late” by The Happy Fits. I love the high-energy of this song.woman standing in front of neon music wall

  5. “Swing Lynn” by Twin Cabins. I found this one on Tiktok too. It’s really great. The main guitar hook is one of those beautifully simple pieces of music.

  6. “Futile Devices (Doveman Remix)” by Sufjan Stevens. SUCH A GOOD SONG HOLY GOD. It sounds like LITERAL DREAMS. It sounds like SUMMER NIGHTS! And WATER! And MOONLIGHT!!! AND STARS IN A CLEAR SKY! The whole damn Call Me By Your Name album is HOLY but this song has been here for me recently and I’ll always be grateful.

  7. Runnin Through My Mind by Gap Girls. One of my favorite songs of all time and I’ve known about it since last May. I’ve been falling asleep to it recently. 


That’s all I’ve got for now!! Music is God! Goodnight!!