Scream Queens Predictions: Who Is the Red Devil?

When previews, cast photos and promotions began to surface about Ryan Murphy's new hit show Scream Queens, we couldn't help but get excited. The cast was star-studded and the idea behind the show was intriguing, sort of like American Horror Story meets Glee. Earlier this season, Murphy revealed that four to five people would continue on to Season 2. We're crossing our fingers that Chanel #1, Chanel #3, Chad Radwell and Denise Hemphill make that list. We can only speculate on that, but we have a better chance at guessing who the Red Devil might be. 

1. Pete

We're getting really tired of Pete on this show. Nevertheless, Pete admitted that he is a murderer in this week's episode, and there is a Red Devil costume in his wardrobe. And what about that sketchy phone call? Or the fact that Boone, aka the other Red Devil, left everything in his will to Pete? Pete is the most obvious, which also means that there is a very good chance that he is not the Red Devil. Regardless, after that sketchy phone call he had on this week's episode, we think that he may at least know who the other baby in the bathtub was. 

2. Chanel #5

If the gif above doesn't say anything, there are other things that point to Chanel #5. When Chanel #1 hired Scotland Yard to investigate the murders, they found that Chanel #5 was actively plotting Chanel #1's death. We don't know too much about her character. We haven't met her parents, and there is a good chance that she could be the other baby in the bathtub because the other baby in the bathtub was a girl. However, there is the fact that Chanel #5 was in the mall with the other Chanels on Black Friday when the Red Devil started chasing them, so she could be completely innocent.  

3. Dean Munsch 

Everyone in Kappa Kappa Tau seems to think that Dean Munsch is the Red Devil. She certainly has the motive: she has been hellbent on closing Kappa down for the entire season. She also killed her ex-husband and framed Feather for it.

4. Melanie Dorkus

The former president of Kappa house has a fairly obvious motive as well: she hates Chanel #1 and wants revenge for being ousted as president. This theory seems to be popular with some of the show's fans despite the fact that Melanie doesn't really have any presence on the show. The final episode is called "Dorkus" which could very well point to her. 

5. Chanel #1

We really hope it isn't Chanel #1 because she is one of our favorite characters. Chanel was also shot with a crossbow by the (or one of the Red Devils) Red Devil this week and she was at Thanksgiving with the Radwell family when Gigi was murdered. We can't forget that Chanel is responsible (in part) for killing Mrs. Bean and that she was willing to kill Hester just to keep Chad to herself. Other than that, there really isn't much to point toward Chanel as the killer, but Scream Queens is a Ryan Murphy show, so you never know what might happen.

Who do you think the Red Devil is? We will get our answers on Tuesday, when the two hour season finale airs on Fox.