Products That Deserve Love #2: Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen

Hooray! So, Ohio has finally decided that it should feel like summer. Now that we all have emerged from our winter burrows of scarves and Vaseline (thanks winter for giving me skin like a puff pastry), it’s time to start thinking about summer skin!  On the second episode of Products That Deserve Love, I’ll be singing the praises of Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen.


My biggest problem with most sunscreens is the smell. When you’re having an amazing day at the pool with your gal-pals or at the beach with the family, nothing’s worse than covering yourself in a sunscreen that smells like a burning chemical plant. Alba Botanica is different. With six different Certified Organic ingredients (including lavender extract and aloe leaf juice), not only does this product smell amazing, but you won’t be rubbing things you can’t pronounce onto your skin.

This sunscreen’s amazing fragrance comes from 100% natural sources, and isn’t tested on animals. I did test it on myself, and it feels so smooth. Unlike other sunscreens, it doesn’t go on greasy or slimy, and it blends in well without leaving weird residue behind. It’s also paraben free. So, if you’re like me, and your scalp sunburns easily, you won’t completely destroy your hair when you put it on your part (which you should do, by the way, because you only get one scalp and from personal experience a sunburned head SUCKS.)

If you’re like most millennials, and are skeptical about the ethics of certain corporations, Alba Botanicals has got your back. The company has partnered with, which is a non-profit that works towards the advancement of women all over the world.


So, I give Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Sunscreen an overall 10/10 because it’s products and values are ethical, and it doesn’t smell like a burning tire pile. To me, it’s a product that deserves some serious love.